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On Our Radar: October 24, 2019

Another week has gone by, and with it another news cycle filled with examples of recent data breaches, hacking attacks, and regulatory enforcements. Does it feel like our work as privacy professionals is enjoying a little too much of the limelight these days?

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On Our Radar: March 22, 2019

Welcome to the first part in an ongoing blog series, On Our Radar. The RADAR team is constantly researching and reading about the privacy industry. In this ever-shifting field, we recognize how important it is to stay on top of the latest advancements, news, and research impacting the way privacy professionals go about their work. This continuing blog series, hosted by alternating members of the RADAR team, will be our place to share what we’ve learned and what we’re keeping an eye on with all of you.

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Three Topics We’re Following at the 2018 IAPP Privacy. Security. Risk. event in Austin

Next week, 1,600+ privacy professionals are heading to Austin for the annual IAPP Privacy. Security. Risk. conference. The educational opportunity and discussions happening at this conference every year surfaces new ideas, best practices, and top challenges for the privacy profession. 

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The Human Side of Privacy: 2018 IAPP Global Privacy Summit Recap

For those tasked with the daily, detailed work of ensuring their organizations’ compliance with data breach notification regulations–particularly in light of the complexity of preparing for new regulations to go into effect, namely GDPR–it could be easy to forget the person in personal data. Speakers from this year’s IAPP Global Privacy Summit reminded us of just how reductive that vantage point can be, touching on the very human element that lies behind every privacy incident.

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Can't-Miss Sessions at IAPP Privacy. Security. Risk. 2017

Privacy and security teams are often painted as adversaries in compliance. While it's true that privacy, security, and risk professionals often come from different backgrounds and interests, they are united in their shared pursuit of compliance and events like the IAPP Privacy. Security. Risk. 2017 illustrate the way these fields are converging. 

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Automating the Incident Risk Assessment and Response Process

Explore the ecosystem of technologies available to privacy professionals,  including innovative technology that streamlines and accelerates incident response. Click here to get the full text in PDF format.

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Teamwork Wins the Game: Four Insights from RADAR’s Privacy & Security Pros

In the race to protect customers and companies against the dangers of a data breach, privacy and security often compete for scarce resources. This can make it easy to forget who the real enemy is—the rising tide of privacy and security incidents. By recognizing the valuable role each team plays, privacy and security can encourage cooperation and ensure victory.

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