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On Our Radar: November 1, 2019

How is it already November? Halloween is behind us, and thank goodness for that! Privacy professionals have more than enough to scare and trick us in our professional lives already–did you read my colleague Dorothy’s recent post about the rise in heart attacks following a ransomware data breach

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Preview: 5 Can’t-miss sessions at IAPP P.S.R.

The 2019 IAPP Privacy. Risk. Security. conference is only a few days away, and there will be a lot to discuss as leading minds in the privacy field gather in Las Vegas to establish and share best practices. 

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On Our Radar: May 24, 2019

I’ve heard data breaches referred to as “make or break moments” in the career of a privacy professional. To be sure, no one is a huge fan of a possible data breach coming across their desk, signalling the start of an investigation and risk assessment process in which time is of the essence. It could be an event that brings attention from regulators, requires notifications to affected individuals, and could even invite unwanted media attention.

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