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Privacy Regulatory Trends: Preparing for CPRA and Beyond

Blog Summary [4-minute read] 5 substantial provisions from CPRA Influence on other states 6 ways for organizations to prepare Read more below As with surfing, fashion, music, and food fads, trends in privacy law often spring up in California. The California Online Privacy Protection Act of 2003 was the first privacy law in the United [...] Read more

Landmark Court Decision Vacates HIPAA

In a landmark decision, The Fifth Circuit Court has vacated HIPAA penalties for covered entities. Here’s what happened and what it may hold for the future of data privacy management and HIPAA regulation.

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The Rising Price of Non-compliance

Penalties from data privacy enforcement are happening at record rates. In this piece, we explore how Jay Cline, Principal at PwC, suggests executives can stay ahead of risk and avoid fines.

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