This week we announced a strategic partnership with global law firm K&L Gates, with RADAR as the inaugural solution in the launch of the firm’s preferred provider program. With RADAR as a preferred provider, K&L Gates offers its clients enhanced-value services relating to the risk, detection, defense, and management of security incidents, including compliance with data breach laws.

K&L Gates is a leader in data privacy practice, assisting clients in establishing privacy and information security policies, deploying new technologies, and mitigating regulatory enforcement actions. In a press release about this new program, K&L Gates’ Chief Marketing Officer Jeffrey J. Berardi noted:

“RADAR’s offerings align closely with our firm’s vision to leverage innovation and technology to support the legal advice and assistance we have long provided clients. This advanced technology will provide additional value to clients as they develop effective solutions to protect and manage information assets and to comply with this complex and rapidly changing area of law.”

We are honored to be the first preferred provider selected by K&L Gates for this program, and to have K&L Gates as a preferred legal service provider.

RADAR For Privacy Counsel

Privacy counsel and professionals in privacy and compliance functions are hard pressed to keep up with incident response, a challenge compounded by the numerous and constant threats on protected data (cyber attacks, ransomware, spear phishing, system and process failures, etc) and the increasingly complex requirements for remaining compliant with ever-changing data breach laws. The reality is, most organizations that maintain PII and/or PHI experience incidents on a regular basis. It’s become an inevitability in conducting business that your organization’s data will be—or already has been—compromised.

{{cta(‘786cc334-fba4-4a18-8fe6-d86d2a0e7666′,’justifycenter’)}}How can privacy counsel manage this challenge? Counsel provides advice and guidance to organizations to help establish a compliant incident response framework that the organization can effectively follow. The majority of these incidents are inadvertent in nature but still require consistent and timely multi-factor incident risk assessment and breach determination so the framework must be conducive to managing all incidents regardless of whether they are inadvertent or malicious.

Customer Drip Tour of RADAR-02.pngAbove: the legal library within RADAR provides a robust and always up to date listing of breach notification laws across federal, state, and an ever-expanding number of international jurisdictions.

In working with law firms and internal and external counsel over the years, this is where we’ve seen automation through software help enormously. RADAR provides privacy counsel a purpose-built solution to help client organizations remain compliant with data breach laws while supporting privacy counsel’s role as the regulatory subject matter expert, ensuring counsel have oversight of breach notification decision.

RADAR is a powerful tool that helps privacy programs:

  • Improve efficiency and accuracy by cutting down the time required for regulatory research, and the risk of missing pertinent information in the process.
  • Operationalize counsel’s incident response framework with streamlined workflows for incident intake and escalation to privacy and legal teams.
  • Prove compliance through stored documentation and a thoroughly organized incident audit trail that facilitates reporting to senior management as well as regulators.
  • Attorney-client privilege, when invoked by counsel, is preserved by strict third-party audited security compliance.

RADAR was developed in collaboration with privacy professionals and counsel at Fortune 500 companies operating in regulated industries, and it now used by a rapidly growing number of organizations across financial, insurance, and healthcare industries, and the organizations servicing these industries. By providing up-to-date decision support, operational infrastructure, legal libraries, documentation, and workflows, RADAR brings consistency to the incident response process.

Through this program, client organizations get the benefit of K&L Gates’ data privacy expertise plus access to a powerful tool that will help them reduce data breach risk and operationalize their incident risk assessment process.

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