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Revolutionizing Incident Response: RADAR Finalist for the 2016 Oregon Technology Award

The RADAR team is proud to have been a  finalist for the 2016 Oregon Technology Awards, in the category of “Most Disruptive.” The annual Technology Award celebrates excellence and achievement in the region's technology industry, with a goal to build innovation in Oregon and beyond.

RADAR TAO Award Nomination - Most Disruptive 2016

What it Means to Be Disruptive

Outside of the tech industry, disruption can have some negative connotations, defined as “interrupting....causing a disturbance or problem...altering or destroying the structure of something.”

The tech industry has reclaimed this phrase, making “disruptive” synonymous with an emerging technology that creates a new market, provides a surprising or unexpected solution, or otherwise disrupts the current way of thinking.

RADAR’s innovative  technology disrupts the way businesses typically assess and respond to privacy and security incidents that expose sensitive data: an inevitable and potentially costly part of doing business in today’s world. With this in mind, here are a few ways RADAR is already disrupting the status quo:

1. Launched a new industry category:

RADAR is the first solution of its kind, and some of the largest healthcare, insurance, and financial services organizations already turn to RADAR to reduce risks and ensure compliance. Hundreds of thousands of incidents, potentially impacting millions of individuals, have already been assessed using RADAR, a product that prompted the launch of “data incident response management” as a new industry category

2. Multi-patented solution to simplify breach assessment:

RADAR brings serenity and assurance to the wild world of data breaches, with three patents backing its inner workings and the Breach Guidance Engine™ that performs an automated risk assessment that provides guidance as to if an incident is a breach that requires response and notification. 

3. In pursuit of continuous innovation:

RADAR is committed providing our customers with an innovative way to simplify and streamline compliance. That’s why we’ve continued to expand and improve on RADAR functionality, with significant enhancements introduced in the last year, from a new interactive legal resources map and additions to our legal breach guidance engine, to new features that further streamline assessments and help our customers manage contractual notifications.

Thank you to the Technology Association of Oregon for this nomination – we are honored to be finalists for this award.

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