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In an ecosystem of privacy and security incident management tools, Radar provides automated risk assessment & decision-support guidance to answer a critical question: I've detected an incident… now what?

At the end of the day, privacy and security teams rely on Radar decision-support to determine if an event is notifiable, which regulatory bodies across the globe require notification, and by when.

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Attacks on your company’s infrastructure become more sophisticated with advancing technology. Today’s privacy professionals match this threat with an ecosystem of sophisticated products and services designed to protect and manage sensitive corporate data. These detection, analysis, monitoring, and orchestration systems can be effective at identifying security and privacy events, but don’t provide guidance on whether such an event rises to the level of a data breach requiring notification to affected individuals, regulatory authorities, credit reporting agencies, and business clients as required by contractual agreements.

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Radar is the only patented, automated breach notification
risk assessment and guidance tool on the market.

Feature RADAR Other Incident Response Software Homegrown Solutions (Spreadsheets, Database, etc.)
Incident response timeline      
Up-to-date with U.S. federal and state and international breach notification regulations      
Real-time trend and analysis report      
Consistent incident assessment      
Web-based incident submission forms and alerts      
Breach Guidance Engine      
Built-in documentation and incident audit trail      
Sr. Associate General Counsel & Privacy Officer Fortune 50 Health Insurance Company

Radar keeps up to date with all state and federal regulations automatically. We were impressed with Radar and its continued innovation and made the decision to commit to three more years of use.

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Radar is the only solution with automated risk scoring and breach notification decision-support, helping you avoid over- and under-notifying.

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Privacy leaders around the globe rely on Radar for an efficient, consistent, and defensible process for privacy incident response.

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Access this free library of hundreds of global privacy laws, rules, and regulations to stay current on existing and proposed legislation.

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