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Beyond California: The Influence of CCPA on Changing U.S. State Privacy Laws

Date: Thursday, July 18th, 2019
Time: 11:00 am PT | 1:00 pm CT | 2:00 pm ET

California has long been a trendsetter in the United States. From the days of "Gidget" and beach culture to the proliferation of avocado everything, the Golden State’s influence is considerable. This is also true when it comes to privacy laws. In the months following the passage of the CCPA, several other states have made similar moves. Nevada, New York, New Jersey and Maine have all followed in California’s foot steps to enact data privacy laws with expanded protections and rights when it comes to the collection of their residents’ personal information.

Given the clear effects of this style of rising tide regulation, privacy teams cannot lose sight of other regulatory developments while working toward compliance with a regulation like the CCPA - the regulations mentioned above illustrate the ripples of influence when large regulations hit the water.

Join us in this upcoming webinar and discover best practices for building compliance with the CCPA and learn how it compares to the current California Civil Code as well as other states with CCPA-like regulations. Also listen in as Todd Daubert, Partner and Chair of Communications & Technology Group at Dentons and Neva DePalma, General Counsel & VP of Customer Success at RADAR discuss the lessons learned from GDPR which can be applied to preparations for the CCPA and other changing U.S. state privacy laws.   

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Among the insights you will learn from this webinar:

  • A compare and contrast overview of the CCPA against other U.S. state CCPA-like privacy laws such as Maine, Nevada, and New York
  • Why establishing strong benchmarking metrics is so critical and what key metrics to utilize in preparation for CCPA
  • The risks of overreporting and how to avoid it under California data breach regulations
  • How to build a consistent, objective and defensible incident response practice in order to see the influence of the CCPA in terms of privacy outcomes

Webinar Speakers:


Todd Daubert
Partner, Chair of Communications & Technology Group, Dentons


Neva DePalma

Neva DePalma 
General Counsel, VP of Customer Success, Privacy Officer, RADAR