Three Data Breach Compliance Developments to Watch in 2017

Complexity in State and Federal Data Breach Law Penalties

In 2017, professionals working with sensitive, regulated data will be challenged to meet increasingly complex and stringent requirements for regulatory compliance. Join Alex Wall, Esq., CIPP/US CIPP/E, senior counsel and global privacy officer at RADAR, as he discusses trends in state and federal data breach notification laws, penalties, and enforcements that will impact privacy professionals in the coming year.

Developments under discussion:

  1. Changing State Legislation: An analysis of recent trends in changing state breach notification laws, including an Illinois law that went into effect January 1st that may signal increasing stringency and complexity in state laws.
  2. State Penalties: A comparison of state penalties for improper breach notification - do you know the cost of noncompliance across applicable jurisdictions?
  3. Federal Penalties: A review of recent federal enforcements of breach notification requirements.