GDPR Incident Response — How to Prepare

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The GDPR compliance deadline is now less than a year away, and having an incident response plan in place and ready to implement should be a primary item on your preparation checklist. With notification timelines of 72 hours, and fines that could reach 4% of global annual revenue, the risk of noncompliance is significant. Knowing this, most forward thinking organizations are investing resources, time and effort to put their plans in place. But how do you get a handle on the differences between U.S. and EU regulatory frameworks and data transfer and storage requirements? With legal obligations constantly shifting as new laws come into effect, how can you efficiently keep up with the many changes in jurisdictions around the world?

View the recording of this educational web conference and learn how to:

  • Understand the key differences — and similarities — between U.S. and EU data breach regulatory frameworks including data transfer and storage requirements.
  • Identify key elements of a compliant incident response program, including incident reporting, consistent multi-factor risk assessment and timely notification.
  • Develop a GDPR-compliant incident response program including mandated 3rd Party contractual notification obligations.
  • Efficiently keep up with breach notification laws across the EU, U.S. and the rest of the globe.

Our Panelists:

Claude-Etienne Armingaud
Partner, K&L Gates LLC

Mahmood Sher-Jan