RadarFirst — A better way to data breach resolution

Efficient Response Process

Resolve privacy and security incidents with a streamlined, operational approach that cuts your team’s effort in half and keeps you forever compliant with shifting regulations.

Demonstrate Compliance

Demonstrate a commitment to protect the data of customers, clients, and partners with a comprehensive and intelligent platform that secures your brand reputation.

Automatic Risk Quantification

Using intelligent, automated technology to solve the most complex challenges of data breach management and enable your team to make accurate decisions based on consistent criteria.

Discovery, Triage & Investigation | RadarFirst Privacy Incident Management

Discovery, Triage & Investigation

Expedite incident discovery and intake with our integrations and partners, or build your own connection through our open API. 

Quickly and accurately document every critical detail in a single source.

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Regulatory Research | RadarFirst Privacy Incident Management

Regulatory Research

Map all applicable laws to your incident profile with our patented and automated risk assessment for a single repository of incident documentation.

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Third-Party Contractual Obligations | RadarFirst Privacy Incident Management

Third-Party Contractual Obligations

Easily monitor upstream and downstream client contracts to stay compliant and simplify management of contractual notification obligations.

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Team Collaboration | RadarFirst Privacy Incident Management

Team Collaboration

Connect teams, grant visibility, incident access, and consolidate remediation with Incident Dimensions™.

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Risk Assessment & Breach Decision | RadarFirst Privacy Incident Management

Risk Assessment & Breach Decision

Ensure compliance in seconds with the patented automation of privacy incident risk assessment and leverage decision intelligence in your breach decisioning.

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Remediation & Notification | RadarFirst Privacy Incident Management

Remediation & Notification

Document resolution & corrective actions with ease, and track notification, forensics, and protection services all within the RadarFirst platform.

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Analysis & Benchmarking | RadarFirst Privacy Incident Management

Analysis & Benchmarking

Set a course for improvement with one-of-a-kind insights and reporting metrics. Compare progress overtime with everything from: root cause, timelines, frequency, trends, and industry-specific benchmarking.

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What’s Included

Key Solution


A completely automated assessment that considers all relevant risk factors and incident data involved in a specific privacy incident and programmatically analyzes risk of harm based on all applicable data breach laws and regulations.


Resolve privacy and security incidents with a streamlined, operational approach that cuts your team’s effort in half, keeps you forever compliant with shifting regulations, while also establishing and documenting burden of proof.


Up-to-date library of global data breach laws that are mapped to an automated risk assessment, including regulatory watchlists that track proposed and recently passed legislation.


Easily access and review laws that apply to privacy incidents. Automatically assess incidents with current data breach regulatory guidelines. 


Specific guidance and consistent decisioning-criteria derived from patented automation that enables a sophisticated breach investigation and reveals notification obligations and recommendations.


Use signature, automated technology to solve the most complex challenges of data breach management with increased speed and accuracy.


Automatic consideration of third-party contractual notification obligations in addition to applicable laws and regulations during the risk assessment of an incident.


Assess, manage, and automate your contractual data breach notification obligations with clients and both upstream and downstream entities. 


Collaborative and configurable incident response system for functional teams to run playbooks in order to resolve privacy and non-privacy incidents with patented automation.


Incidents often include multiple dimensions. Ensure the swift and accurate resolution of an incident by unifying all teams, each focused on their dimension, to work together in one solution; simplifying cross-departmental collaboration and accelerating time to incident resolution.


Capacity to assess multiple jurisdictions and different situational facets to surface all notification obligations within a single incident record.


Streamline incident evaluation from Discovery to Assessment to Resolution for even complex incidents involving multiple jurisdictions and multiple facets. 


Summary of incidents over time to facilitate analysis and trends and enable easy reporting.


Improve visibility of privacy incident management performance and meet the various data analysis and reporting needs for multiple stakeholders.


Synthesis of aggregated and anonymized data to generate comparative incident management metrics that benchmarks your organization across the industry and with peers.


Gauge your privacy incident management performance with others to reaffirm business goals and improve operational efficiency.

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Intelligent Incident Management cuts your time in half

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How people are using RadarFirst.

We don’t have people interpreting laws or contracts inconsistently anymore. Our CRO was able to show the CEO how we are able to better control the overall risk with RadarFirst.
Chief Information & Security Officer Fortune 500 Insurance Company
There’s no other platform that helps to automate decision making based on current data breach laws.
Chief Privacy Officer Fortune 500 Insurance Company
Having one primary easy-to-use mechanism for escalating or reporting any type of potential HIPAA incident is key for us. That has made a huge difference within the organization.
Privacy Team Lead, CHPC Fortune 500 Healthcare Company

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