Managing the incident lifecycle requires approved, repeatable, and audit-friendly process steps. To ensure proper steps are taken for all incident types, team leaders need a tool to scale privacy processes and bring consistency to operations and documentation.

Introducing Playbooks

Playbooks in RadarFirst are a simple way to define a procedure with one or more repeatable actions so that teams can stay focused and execute incident management processes consistently and properly while investigating and resolving incidents.

RadarFirst administrators can create and assign Playbooks for handling common types of incidents such as:

  • Misdirected mailings
  • Preferred remediation steps
  • Performing quality assurance procedures, or
  • Capturing individual to-do lists
Paired with our best-in-class intelligent risk assessment, Playbooks enable RadarFirst users to resolve incidents quickly and predictably, with the best outcomes for data subjects and your organization.

With clear, actionable workflows, teams can save time and avoid unnecessary work while keeping all informed parties updated within the RadarFirst incident management platform.

With increased visibility and reduced outliers, Playbooks simplify reporting and help you identify successful privacy tactics as well as incident response opportunities.

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