GRC and RADAR Integration

Complementary Solutions for Managing the Incident Response Lifecycle

GRC RADAR Slice-01GRC applications address enterprise-level governance, risk and compliance issues. Despite their wide range of features and functionality, they lack the ability to deliver automation and decision support guidance for incident response management relative to data breach notification laws.

GRC applications are not designed to keep up with new and evolving data breach notification regulations, cannot provide an automated and consistent method for multi-factor and multi-jurisdictional incident risk assessment, and do not generate guidance to determine if an incident is a breach based on current regulations, including who to notify in the event of a breach.

Enter RADAR, a patented, purpose-built incident response management platform that automates and simplifies the process of assessing privacy and security incidents to determine if the incident is a breach, whether it is notifiable, which regulatory bodies must be notified, and by what date. By layering RADAR functionality with a GRC platform’s capabilities, organizations are able to bring automated decision-support guidance to their privacy practices.

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