Incident Facets

Simplify management of incidents involving multiple privacy data sets and risk factors

View the Incident Facet Datasheet

Incident FacetsRADAR’s patent-pending Incident Facets feature allows for the ability to manage multiple data sets and associated risk factors - or facets - related to a single incident. With Incident Facets, these data sets are easily documented and assessed as distinct subsets of a single incident, ensuring organizations don’t over-count incidents and maintain an accurate account of privacy data occurrences.

  • - Manage multiple privacy data sets
  • - Avoid over-counting incidents
  • - Drill down into which data sets were exposed and documentation of the facts pertinent to that particular data set
  • - Document and capture extensive detail in support of your organization’s notification decision and burden of proof obligations under data breach laws.
  • - Facet-based information is additionally displayed in the Dashboard, Reports, Assessment page, and Summary page within RADAR, providing real-time visibility.