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Simplify management of incidents involving multiple privacy data sets and risk factors

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Every day, organizations experience privacy incidents exposing sensitive and regulated data.

To demonstrate compliance with data breach laws, privacy teams are required to perform a multi-factor and multi-jurisdictional risk assessment on each incident to determine if notification is required under the applicable regulations.

These privacy and security incidents don’t always involve a single privacy data set. For example, a stolen briefcase may contain a tablet, financial statements, and a thumb drive, each holding a unique set of data impacted by different risk factors or subject to different regulatory requirements. Or a multinational company may experience an unauthorized disclosure of personal data belonging to both US and EU employees.

Introducing Incident Facets

Radar’s patent-pending Incident Facets feature allows for the ability to manage multiple data sets or facets related to a single incident. With Incident Facets, these data sets are easily documented and assessed as unique subsets of a single incident, ensuring organizations don’t over-count incidents and maintain an accurate account of privacy data occurrences.

Benefits of this feature:

  • Manage multiple privacy data sets resulting from a single incident to avoid over-counting incidents.
  • Allows for precision in incident risk assessment, drilling down into which data sets were exposed and
    documentation of the facts pertinent to that particular data set.
  • Document and capture extensive detail of each incident, in support of your organization’s notification decision and burden of proof obligations under data breach laws.
  • All incident facets benefit from Radar’s multi-factor risk assessment and decision-support guidance for state, federal, and sector-specific data breach laws – as well as the European Union’s Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Facet-based information is additionally displayed in the Dashboard, Reports, Assessment page, and Summary page within Radar, providing real-time visibility.

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