Cross-Functional Collaboration and the Privacy Team Q&A

As we settle into the transition of working remotely from home, a variety of new challenges have surfaced that require our attention as privacy professionals, not the least of which is collaborating with other teams.

We are finding that now, more than ever, it is crucial for privacy teams to engage in meaningful dialogue with Compliance, Security, Legal, and IT teams. While the need for this cross-functional collaboration has always been apparent, in the midst of the precarious landscape we now find ourselves both working and living in, keeping these teams connected has become paramount.

Watch this Q&A session featuring the VP of Privacy Operations at UnitedHealth Group, Doug Niska, in a conversation about cross-functional collaboration and the privacy team.

Discussion topics will include:

  • Keeping privacy visible and relevant while working remote
  • The dynamic privacy team that can pivot in a fluid environment
  • Privacy, Security, Compliance and IT: facilitating efficient collaboration

Session Guest:

Doug Niska
VP of Privacy Operations
UnitedHealth Group