Privacy Regulations Now

Keeping up with the patchwork of privacy regulatory changes is no new feat for privacy professionals. However, adding a global pandemic, contact tracing apps, and employee health screening as workers return to the office, further intensifies the regulatory complexity.

In a recent virtual session, 63% of privacy pros stated that the most significant impact on privacy over the next 6 months is expected to be ‘new regulations as a direct result of C-19’.

Catch up on this insightful conversation with Laura Clark Fey, Principal at Fey LLC, Privacy Law Specialist, and Ryan Blaney Partner at Proskauer Rose LLP, as we discuss the current state of privacy regulations, including the regulatory challenges of using tracking apps to contain COVID-19, and proposed legislation as a result of the pandemic and its impact on the economy.

This virtual session explores:

  • Some of the most significant changes over the last few months to privacy regulations
  • Compliance challenges privacy teams might face as we soldier on during a pandemic, struggling economy, and a civil rights movement
  • What privacy leaders should be preparing for in terms of new regulations (ie. COVID-19 Consumer Data Protection Act)

Laura Clark Fey
Principal and Privacy Law Specialist

Ryan Blaney
Proskauer Rose LLP