Bridging the Gap Between Privacy and Security:How Standard Insurance Built a Streamlined Incident Response Program

How Standard Insurance Built a Streamlined Incident Response Program

Broadcast Date: Thursday, July 19, 2018
Duration: 60 minutes including live Q&A session at end of program

An effective incident response program is built with a consistent and compliant framework that incorporates purpose-built tools and is developed as a collaborative effort between privacy, legal, and security teams.

It’s no surprise that this is not an easy feat given that privacy, legal, and security roles often come from different backgrounds and interests. But as designated enterprise risk managers, they must collaborate to ensure efficient handling of all incidents (malicious or non-malicious) for compliance with complex regulatory and contractual notice obligations.  

Watch this webinar and learn how the security, legal, and privacy teams at a top insurance and financial organization came together to build a scalable and consistent incident response program.

Among the insights you will learn from this webinar:

  • How Standard Insurance broke down silos between security, legal, and privacy to overcome key challenges in incident response and breach notification
  • Best practices for developing a consistent and scalable incident response process between privacy, legal, and security teams
  • What not to miss when implementing a multi-factor risk assessment for privacy and security incidents
  • Glimpse into the ecosystem of tools Standard Insurance implemented to support consistent and streamlined incident response management

About the presenters:

Laxman-Prakash-The-Standard-IT-Security-VP Laxman Prakash
2nd Vice President of Information Security, The Standard

Liz Fouts
2nd Vice President & Associate Counsel, The Standard

Mahmood Sher-Jan, CHPC,
CEO & President, RADAR, Inc.