To Notify or Not to Notify? That is the Question.

Broadcast Date: Thursday, Jan 30th, 2020

Making an objective data breach notification decision within stringent regulatory and contractual timeframes is challenging but critical, with significant reputational and financial risks for non-compliance and missed deadlines.  

Watch this webinar recording as Holly Amorosana, Chief Privacy Officer at Apple Bank and Mahmood Sher-Jan, CEO and Founder of RadarFirst walk through common data privacy incidents to assess the risk profile and determine whether you should notify or not based on various regulatory and contractual obligations. 

Among the insights you will learn from this webinar recording:

  • Key steps involved when creating a streamlined incident response process
  • How to ensure consistency in your risk-scoring and breach-notification decisions
  • Best practices for ensuring compliance with complex and ever-shifting data breach notification regulations

Webinar Speakers:

Holly Amorosana
Chief Privacy Officer, Apple Bank

Mahmood Sher-Jan
CEO & Founder, RadarFirst