Year in Review: Trends in Changing Data Breach Notification Laws

Broadcast Date: Thursday, Nov 14th, 2019

After analyzing the flurry of legislative activity in 2019, we have identified a number of continuing trends and uncovered emerging patterns to help you make sense of this complex regulatory landscape.   

Join us for this educational web conference to learn what the main regulatory trends were coming out of 2019 and what it means for privacy and security professionals preparing for 2020. 

Among the insights you will learn from this webinar recording:

  • A brief overview of the complexities of U.S. state, federal and international breach notification regulatory landscape
  • Breach notification regulatory trends drawn from legislative movement in 2019
  • Predictions for 2020 as regulations continue to evolve
  • Best practices and tools for keeping up with ever-changing breach notification laws

Webinar Speakers:


Deborah Rimmler
Counsel, Dentons


Mahmood Sher-Jan
CEO and Founder, RadarFirst