Operationalizing Management of Data Incidents: Post Final Rule (March 19th, 2014)

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Sophia Collaros, JD, MA, CIPP/US, privacy officer for the University of New Mexico (UNM) Health System and Health Sciences Center, shares the transition from manual incident management to an automated system and how this transformed processes. She'll discuss the organization's culture of privacy compliance, internal and third-party controls, and best practices for meeting data breach regulatory obligations. In addition, Sophia  provides lessons learned from UNM's incident management process and tools, including the use of RADAR, providing guidance as to how health care organizations can protect their patients, ensure the integrity of an organization's reputation and comply with federal and state breach notification laws.

Attendees will Learn:

  • What health care entities can do to protect patients and their reputations
  • The key challenges for complying with the HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule
  • How to keep up with changing obligations mandated by HIPAA/HITECH and state laws
  • How to build an efficient and compliant incident management model to prevent breaches and fines
  • Proven metrics for measuring success of your incident management and response

Sophia Collaros, JD, MA, CIPP/US, Privacy Officer, University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center & Health System

Mahmood Sher-Jan, CEO of RADAR