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2022 Privacy Incident Benchmark Report

2022 Privacy Incident Benchmark Report | RadarFirst

How Does Your Incident Response Plan Measure Up?

By benchmarking your privacy program against your industry and others, you’re able to provide your leadership team with the clarity needed to face increasing risks to personal information, demand for privacy team collaboration, and operational excellence across the entire incident management lifecycle.

The 2022 Privacy Incident Benchmark Report is an anonymized aggregate of over 55,000 incident assessments from over 150 jurisdictions to help you identify opportunities to mature your privacy program and incident response playbooks.

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Privacy Benchmarking is Critical for Operational Excellence

red quotation incident response planning  Providing our users with industry-specific benchmarking data is part of what makes us a great long-term strategic partner. We hope this report helps organizations make operational improvements, data-driven investments, and provide leadership with transparency into how their privacy teams are mitigating risk,” shared Don India, RadarFirst CEO.

Compliance with rapidly-expanding global data breach notification regulations and contractual obligations is a perpetual threat. Organizations have heightened awareness of data management, given the risks and business implications of non-compliance. Tracking, comparing, and reporting incident response metrics against industry benchmarks helps meet these demands and drive best practices.

A sample of key findings:

  • Data breach resolution timelines down 22% since 2021 — the equivalent of 169 hours or 7 days.
  • The largest cause of privacy incidents remains unintentional and internally based.
  • Electronic-based breaches involve an average of 5.4 jurisdictions.
  • SMBs experienced nearly 40% more paper-based incidents than large and enterprise organizations.
  • Large-sized organizations experience over 10% more externally-based breaches than SMBs or enterprise organizations.

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Why Download this Report?

These and other insights found within the RadarFirst third annual report provide the privacy, security, and compliance communities with industry-specific privacy benchmarking data that power improvements to incident response planning.

Our annual privacy incident benchmark report provides an in-depth analysis of data incidents involving regulated personal information that establishes unique industry-specific breach notification benchmarks, including:

  • How does organization size affect incident volume?
  • What causes incidents?
  • What types of incidents affect the most individuals?
  • How many jurisdictions does the typical incident involve?
  • How long does it take organizations to assess risk?


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