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Intelligent technology to streamline compliance with data breach notification regulations

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Future-proof your data breach regulation compliance with intelligent IR

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Why Intelligent Incident Response Management?

Automation in privacy incident response eliminates the subjectivity and inconsistency that is inherent in manual approaches. Leveraging intelligent technology ensures consistency and accuracy, accelerates the decision-making process, and eliminates the risk of over- and under-notifying.

Intelligent incident response management delivers consistent, accurate results in half the time.

  • Make defensible notification decisions
  • Quantify risk of harm from a data breach
  • Meet contractual and regulatory notification deadlines
  • Stay up-to-date with data breach notification laws
  • Improve privacy operations with data-driven insights exclusive to Radar

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What is the Tangible Value of Automation?

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Make the Right Notification Decision in Less Time

Making an objective data breach notification decision within regulatory and contractual timeframes is complex, time-critical, and risky. This is particularly true for healthcare, insurance, and financial companies. Missing a deadline, and even over- or under-notifying, has serious reputational and financial consequences.

Go beyond your manual approach. There is a better way.

RadarFirst brings intelligence, accuracy, and consistency to incident response, helping organizations
make the right decisions and save time and cost by at least 50%.

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Reduce Risk

Eliminate subjectivity with consistent incident risk scoring and an intelligent law engine that provides accurate data breach notification recommendations.

Save Time & Cost

Cut your team’s effort in half with automated recommendations based on state, federal, and global data breach notification regulations.

Build Trust

Make accurate notification decisions every time and demonstrate a strong culture of compliance to protect your brand from reputational risk.

Director of Privacy and Security, Healthcare

Before Radar, it would take hours to document and set up reporting for each incident. Now we can complete the same tasks in a fraction of the time.

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