Privacy Incident Management Simplified

Digital Transformation for Efficient, Consistent Incident Response

Industry-leaders choose RadarFirst to streamline incident management

Decision Intelligence for Privacy

Turn every incident into a strategic advantage. Patented RadarFirst technology helps you improve privacy program maturity by embracing digital transformation, accelerating efficiency, and building trust with your customers.

Digital Transformation

Solve the most complex data breach management challenges with patented automated technology that helps your team make accurate decisions based on consistent criteria.

Digital Transformation

Accelerate Efficiency

Cut your team’s effort in half, while forever staying compliant with shifting regulations, with a streamlined and operational approach.

Accelerate Efficiency

Build Trust

Secure your brand reputation by demonstrating a commitment to protect the data of customers, clients, and partners with a comprehensive and intelligent platform.

Build Trust
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Solving the Most Complex Challenges in Seconds

Don’t be fooled by basic workflow automation. Eliminate inconsistency and accelerate speed to decision by harnessing the power of digital transformation for privacy incident management.

Explore how RadarFirst simplifies every stage of incident management:

Your success is our success

We strive every day to deliver value as a trusted partner in privacy, always mindful of the trust our customers place in us.

Read our Customer Stories
There’s no other platform that helps to automate decision making based on current data breach laws.
Chief Privacy Officer Fortune 500 Insurance Company
RadarFirst provides consistent guidance for a growing volume of privacy and security incidents involving multiple state and federal laws – and GDPR – ultimately reducing our compliance and reputational risk.
Executive Compliance Officer Fortune 100 Financial Services Company
We did not have the resources for someone to monitor rule changes and updates full-time. This lack of dedicated attention increased the risk that a change to legislation or regulations could be missed.
Chief Privacy Officer Global Retailer
RadarFirst is a perfect example of why I’m a big fan of outsourcing. We can leverage the expertise of industry professionals using software that doesn’t require IT support.
HIPAA Security Officer University Medical Center
All of the legal and regulatory requirements around breaches, notifications, and deadlines are built right into the software. This has created an easy workflow that’s saved at least 50% of the time it used to take to complete assessments.
Privacy Lead Fortune 500 Financial Services Company
Having one primary easy-to-use mechanism for escalating or reporting any type of potential HIPAA incident is key for us. That has made a huge difference within the organization.
Privacy Team Lead, CHPC Fortune 500 Healthcare Company

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