Quickly determine if your privacy or security incident requires notification under data breach laws

RADAR is an award-winning incident response management SaaS solution used by leading organizations to reduce risk and simplify compliance with data breach laws. 

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Incident Response Management Solution
HPE-IAPP Privacy Innovation Award 2017 

RADAR, Inc. Awarded Prestigious HPE-IAPP Privacy Innovation Award

The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) recognizes RADAR, Inc. for its innovative platform for simplifying compliance with data breach laws.


The growing number of security and privacy incidents combined with a patchwork of breach regulations make the incident response process risky and challenging to manage.  That's why we created RADAR. We use advanced modeling techniques to bring simplicity and efficiency to incident response and help you reduce your risks. Compare your options.

Reduce Breach Risks

Reduces Breach Risks

RADAR reduces breach risks across your organization by identifying and analyzing where and how incidents are occurring.

Ensure Consistent Assessments

Ensures Consistent Assessments

RADAR uses its patented Breach Guidance Engine™ to help you decide whether an incident is a notifiable breach. 

Improve Efficiency

Improves Efficiency

RADAR streamlines how you manage security incidents by creating a more efficient workflow that allows multiple users across the organization to collaborate.

Prove Compliance

Proves Compliance

RADAR stores documentation and reports in a central repository, so you can easily access information for regulators and senior management.

Info Security Products Guide 2016 Gold
Info Security Products Guide 2016 Bronze
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How RADAR Works

RADAR guides you through the process of characterizing, assessing, and responding to incidents so you can ensure your regulatory compliance and reduce breach risks. Take a deeper dive into RADAR and see how it can help you:
  Assessing PHI Incidents | Assessing PII Incidents | Explore RADAR's Workflow

1 Captures and Profiles

Capture and Profile

RADAR captures and creates a profile of incident information so it can be assessed using its patented Breach Guidance Engine.

2 Provides Decisioning Support

Decide and Respond

Using insight from RADAR's Breach Guidance Engine, you can determine if an incident is a breach. Then, follow the guidance to respond to the incident and prove your compliance.

3 Documentation, Resources, and Tools to help Analyze and Mitigate

Analyze and Mitigate

Reduce security risks by using RADAR's reports to pinpoint and analyze incident trends and root causes.

Take a 2 Minute Video Tour of RADAR

Take a 2 Minute Video Tour of RADAR

Compare Your Options

Enforcement is stepping up, and fines are steep. You have lots of options to choose from, but why increase your risk for non-compliance with lesser tools? Rely on RADAR to help you deal with the real risks at hand.
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Incident response timeline
Up-to-date federal and state regulations
Wizard-based interface
Trend and analysis report
Consistent incident assessment
Web-based incident submission forms and alerts
Breach Guidance Engine
Patented technology
Other Software
Incident response timeline
Up-to-date federal and state regulations
Wizard-based interface
Trend and analysis report
Homegrown Solutions Spreadsheets, Database, etc
Incident response timeline
Feature RADAR Other Incident Response Software Homegrown Solutions Spreadsheets, Database, etc
Incident response timeline c c c
Up-to-date federal and state regulations c c  
Wizard-based interface c c  
Trend and analysis report c c  
Consistent incident assessment c    
Web-based incident submission forms and alerts c    
Breach Guidance Engine c    
Patented technology c    

From the RADAR® Team

From the RADAR® Team
"With RADAR, we help our clients conduct incident assessments consistently so they can stay compliant with the ever-changing maze of data privacy laws." Andrew Migliore | Vice President of Engineering
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From Our Clients

From Our Clients
“RADAR gives us a consistent, efficient, and affordable incident management solution that scales and can grow with our business needs.” Chief Information Security Officer | Large Hospital System
From Our Clients
“We’ve implemented RADAR as a tool for instituting an efficient incident response management process and helping us prove compliance.” Compliance Counsel | Large Financial Group

Integration Partners

RADAR integrates with leading technology companies to create a complete solution for detecting and managing incidents.  Our partners allow incidents to be sent automatically to RADAR for assessment and tracking, automating the process of collecting incidents with a purpose-built incident response management platform.

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Incident response management doesn’t have to be stressful. Learn how RADAR gets you organized and helps to reduce risks and prove compliance.


See leaders in the industry discuss the evolving issues in security and privacy and how RADAR fits in to help.

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All tangled up in state and federal laws? RADAR can show you the way to compliant incident response.


Coping with privacy incidents is stressful. Choosing the right incident management tool shouldn't be. Our solution guide can help you decide.


See how RADAR can take you from stressful chaos to totally organized and compliant. Incident management has never been easier.

About Us

Customers rely on RADAR, a SaaS-based incident response management platform, for an efficient and consistent process for incident response. RADAR uses patented technology to ensure a consistent and defensible process for managing incident response. Our customers include some of the nation’s largest healthcare, insurance, financial, and government organizations.

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