Quickly and consistently determine if your privacy or security incidents require notification under global data breach laws

Award-winning privacy incident response management software trusted by organizations in industries subject to data privacy regulations to reduce risk and simplify compliance with global data breach laws, including the GDPR, PIPEDA, and U.S. Federal and state regulations such as the CCPA.

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Every day, organizations that hold regulated data experience privacy and security incidents. In order to comply with a patchwork of complex and ever-changing data breach notification laws in  each U.S. state, including CCPA, as well as all applicable federal laws such as the HIPAA Final Breach Notification Rule and the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA) and international mandatory breach notification regulations such as GPDR, Australia, and PIPEDA, privacy teams must quickly and efficiently determine which incidents require notification to regulators or customers.

That’s why we created RADAR.

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Leaders in privacy rely on RADAR to automate, reduce risks, and bring consistency and efficiency to their incident response management process.


Incident Response Automation

Incident Response Automation

Automating incident response based on current regulations, including the required multi-factor risk assessment process, helps ensure consistent and defensible decisions. Reporting capabilities help identify where and how incidents occur in your organization.

Consistency in Incident Risk Assessments

100% Consistency in Incident Risk Assessments

The patented RADAR Breach Guidance Engine™ ensures the multi-factor risk of harm assessment is 100% consistent, eliminating the subjectivity and inconsistency inherent in manual approaches.

Faster to breach decision

100-200x Faster Time to Decision

In a time trial comparing RADAR software to existing incident response processes, the time it took to gather the pertinent facts, perform a multi-factor risk assessment, and arrive at a breach determination decision was reduced from days to minutes.

Burden of Proof Breach Notification Compliance

Proves Compliance

RADAR stores and provides easy access to incident details, assessment results, and notifications in a central repository, meeting the needs of auditors, regulators, and senior management.

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Beyond California: The Influence of CCPA on Changing U.S. State Privacy Laws

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Discover best practices for building compliance with the CCPA and learn how it compares to the current California Civil Code as well as other states with CCPA-like regulations.

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How RADAR Works

RADAR guides you through the incident response lifecycle. From documentation and assessment, to breach notification as may be required, RADAR automatically generates incident specific heat maps for guidance to help ensure compliance and reduce risk.

Take a deeper dive into RADAR and see how it can help you:


Capture and Profile Privacy Data Incidents

Capture and Profile

RADAR captures and creates a profile of each incident and the compromised personal data involved so the risk factors can be assessed using the patented Breach Guidance Engine™.


Decide and Respond

Based on incident assessment results, quickly and confidently determine if an incident is a breach. Then, follow the guidance to provide notification as may be required by regulatory and contractual obligations and  prove your compliance.

Analyze Risk and Improve Privacy Program

Analyze and Improve

Reduce security risks using real-time analytics to pinpoint incident trends and root causes, improve your privacy program, and establish best practices.

VP Privacy Operations Fortune 50 Enterprise

Without RADAR, we couldn't give our Board of Directors the privacy metrics they've requested.

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