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Decision Intelligence for Future-proof Compliance

Take the guesswork out of documenting and resolving privacy incidents. RadarFirst makes it possible to maintain compliance with evolving privacy laws even as new threats arise.

Full-cycle management never loses sight of compliance.

RadarFirst is a comprehensive and intelligent platform that secures your brand reputation while protecting the data of patients, clients, and partners throughout the entire incident management lifecycle.

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Signature technology solves for privacy’s most complex challenge.

Full process automation provides consistent, defensible results and enables your team to make accurate decisions based on consistent criteria.

RadarFirst synthesizes 130,000+ possible risk factor combinations to deliver consistent decisioning that simplifies hours of work into the click of a button.

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Streamlined and operational.

Resolve privacy and security incidents with a streamlined, operational approach that cuts your team’s effort in half and keeps you forever compliant with shifting regulations.

The proactive, strategic solution for long-term improvement.

Turn every incident into an opportunity for privacy program maturity.

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RadarFirst | 10 Stages of Privacy Incident Management

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The Protenus healthcare compliance analytics platform uses artificial intelligence to audit every access to patient records for the nation’s leading health systems.

Providing healthcare leaders full insight into how health data is being used, and alerting privacy, security and compliance teams to inappropriate activity, Protenus helps our partner hospitals make decisions about how to better protect their data, their patients, and their institutions.

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As the leader in protecting privacy and securing data stored in mission-critical applications, FairWarning’s platform helps healthcare and enterprise organizations comply with regulations, protect sensitive data, and prevent insider threats. The company combines the most advanced technologies including machine learning and AI with best practices and managed services to provide the highest level of security to organizations across the globe. 

Safeguarding over 350 enterprise customers globally, including 35% of U.S. health systems, FairWarning is trusted to protect organizations’ sensitive data while creating a culture of privacy.

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Iatric Systems

Iatric Systems is a healthcare technology company dedicated to leveraging our integration expertise to provide healthcare organizations with products and services that bring the right data to the right people at the right time. In our 25-year history, we have delivered more than 25,000 interfaces and integration solutions to more than 1,300 healthcare organizations. 

This integration experience helps healthcare organizations make more informed decisions critical to improving patients’ health and organizations’ fiscal stability.

Your success is our success

We strive to deliver value as a trusted, long-term strategic partner in privacy, always mindful of the trust RadarFirst users place in us.

RadarFirst’s automated risk assessment provides consistency in how we evaluate all PHI incidents – it helps us to comply with the HIPAA Final Rule. The platform is an important part of our incident management program and it tracks any changes in federal and state breach laws, so that we can focus on protecting our patients and ensuring compliance.
Chief Information Privacy & Security Officer Fortune 200 Healthcare Company
Having one primary easy-to-use mechanism for escalating or reporting any type of potential HIPAA incident is key for us. That has made a huge difference within the organization.
Privacy Team Lead, CHPC Fortune 500 Healthcare Company
RadarFirst is a perfect example of why I’m a big fan of outsourcing. We can leverage the expertise of industry professionals using software that doesn’t require IT support.
HIPAA Security Officer University Medical Center
When we are assessing any potential HIPAA incident, we have to be able to address federal law, state law, client obligations – and that’s where we rely pretty heavily on RadarFirst.
Compliance & Privacy Manager Fortune 200 Healthcare Company
The reality of our situation is we have clients who have members in all 50 states. We have patients under our pharmacies in all 50 states. So when we are assessing any potential HIPAA incident, we have to be able to address federal law, state law, client obligations…and that’s where we rely pretty heavily on RadarFirst.
HIPAA Security Officer Fortune 500 Healthcare Company
For us, the product has been very scalable to our organization in terms of size and capabilities as well as in our role as both a business associate and a covered entity. We can process a potential HIPAA incident and run a risk assessment and perform a breach determination as a covered entity or as a business associate. It factors in the different legal, federal, state obligations – it’s tremendous.
Chief Compliance Officer Fortune 100 Healthcare Company

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