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Healthcare Incident Response Done Right

When healthcare organizations leverage a multi-factor risk assessment in incident response, notifiable breaches drop by 93% according to Radar user metadata. Now more than ever, important is to have a go-to incident response plan that protects patient privacy and shows good faith to regulators and the public. A good ending starts with a good beginning.

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Data Breach Notification: How to Assess Your Incident Risk Assessment

The goal of privacy incident risk assessment should be to ensure compliance without overspending on notification. And with privacy regulations and regulatory guidance changing constantly, that’s quite a balancing act. One way to help keep your footing is to compare your organization’s notification rate against industry benchmarks, then use your internal metrics to pinpoint problems.

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7 Tips to Improve Collaboration

Collaboration between privacy, security, and compliance is essential in navigating the complexities of privacy regulations. Deborah Rimmler, counsel with Dentons Law Firm, shares 7 tips for improving collaboration to reduce risks to save the world from fragmented and inefficient methods.

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