Building a Culture of Trust 

Jun 28, 2023

When it comes to managing sensitive data, we at RadarFirst understand the stakes of trust management. At RadarFirst privacy isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are and we are proud that our culture shares our customers’ deep commitment to privacy as a fundamental right. 

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One Solution for Every Notification Decision

Apr 11, 2023

Coming Soon from RadarFirst: A new way to simplify notification decisioning.

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Data Breach Resolution 22% Faster in 2021 for Organizations Embracing Intelligent Incident Management

Apr 19, 2022

RadarFirst published their third-annual Privacy Incident Benchmark Report 2022, which found that organizations who leverage intelligent incident management solutions decreased the time it takes to meet breach notification compliance after a data breach by 169 hours (22% per incident), the equivalent of seven days.

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RadarFirst Appoints Executive Management Team for Strategic Growth

Apr 4, 2022

RadarFirst, the innovator in privacy incident management solutions, recently announced the addition of Lauren Wallace, Chief Privacy Officer & General Counsel, Leila Kirske, Chief Financial Officer, and Wendy Demers, MSBTM, Vice President, Software Engineering to the executive management team.

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RadarFirst Unveils New Solution to Unify Privacy Incident Management Across Teams

Nov 30, 2021

RadarFirst, the industry-leader recognized for its patented intelligent privacy incident management platform, announced today the launch of Incident Dimensions™, a new solution that expedites incident resolution and enables collaboration across incident response teams, including: Security, Compliance, Records Management, Privacy, and others.

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RadarFirst Names Don India as Chief Executive Officer

Aug 10, 2021
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