Incident Dimensions™ within Radar unifies all incident response teams to streamline management across an organization.

PORTLAND, OR, November 30, 2021 – RadarFirst, the industry-leader recognized for its patented intelligent privacy incident management platform, announced today the launch of Incident Dimensions™, a new solution that expedites incident resolution and enables collaboration across incident response teams, including Security, Compliance, Records Management, Privacy, and others. Within Radar, Incident Dimensions™ unifies the incident response process from multiple communication platforms to provide a single, actionable incident record for all key stakeholders to aid timely resolution.

After a data breach, each functional team is a potential source for critical incident information and must act quickly to mitigate the risks of exposure for both the data subjects and the organization managing the data. When a breach involves personally identifiable information, efficiency and collaboration between teams can be the difference between compliance with stringent privacy notification deadlines or costly fines and reputational damage.

Incident Dimensions™ streamlines the incident response process with an adaptive workflow that increases the visibility of incident management across all teams; allowing them to view and manage their own obligations within the Radar platform as well as monitor the status of others. Incident Dimensions™ establishes a single source of truth for all teams in one platform, simplifying communication and accelerating time to incident resolution.

“The typical incident has multiple layers, or dimensions, that must be managed both independently by functional areas and collectively within the overall incident,” said Greg Sikes, Vice President of Product, RadarFirst. “Incident Dimensions™ expands upon our market leading intelligent incident response solution by adding the ability to cross-functionally manage all dimensions of a compromising event and empowers our customers with a more holistic perspective in responding to and resolving incidents. This release is one of many future strategic deliverables as we expand our reach into the privacy management market.”

Incident Dimensions™ is exclusively available from RadarFirst within the Radar intelligent incident management platform. To learn more about this new feature, to request a demo or to add it to your existing product, please contact a RadarFirst representative at [email protected] or click here.


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