Intelligent Incident Management with Radar

Future-proof privacy risk mitigation with a scalable solution for global risk assessment, powered by the Radar Breach Guidance EngineTM

Breach notification compliance – with one click.

Radar Intelligent Incident Management is the only software that solves the most complex challenge following an incident: Do you notify or not?

With a sea of state, federal, and international laws, as well as third-party contractual obligations, compliance with data breach regulations only grows more complex. Radar delivers a future-proof solution with its signature automated risk assessment, enabling you to identify and mitigate risk in a fraction of the time.

Intelligent Incident Response is the permanent solution for a privacy landscape rife with complex data breach regulations. As the landscape shifts, Radar adapts.

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Rise Above Risk

Big or small, every incident must be risk assessed.

From the moment it occurs, the clock is ticking for incident response teams to investigate and collect critical details from the incident, scrutinize global privacy laws, and quantify the risk of harm in order to arrive at the correct notification decision.

What separates Intelligent Incident Response from manual alternatives or automated workflow tools, is that Radar not only automates your risk assessment, it provides clear, consistent notification obligations that are compliant with current legislation.

That means:

  • Getting to the right notification obligations faster
  • Always maintaining burden of proof after a decision
  • Less time spent tracking and interpreting privacy regulations

What’s Your Incident Response IQ?

intelligent incident response IQ

More than just meeting compliance with privacy regulation, incident response is a measure of how your organization will fare in the event of a future audit or legal action.

Set your org up for success with these 7 steps to improve your incident response process.

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Driven to Improve

Demonstrating ROI for automation in privacy incident management includes more than mere penalties avoided.

Automation in IR increases the speed of incident resolution – even as other elements of privacy IR increase (i.e., data breaches, laws, risk).

With Radar, an automated solution, your team can gain speed without compromising accuracy. Our unique tool increases operational efficiency across departments, improves response times, and saves critical resources.

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