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Data breaches have changed the way consumers share personal information and which organizations they do business with. Maintaining compliance and safely managing highly sensitive data requires a robust system of risk minimization, secure distribution practices, and documented processes, and most importantly – meet NAIC notification obligations.

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Full-cycle management never loses sight of compliance.

Radar® is a comprehensive and intelligent platform that secures your brand reputation while protecting the data of patients, clients, and partners throughout the entire incident management lifecycle.

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Streamlined and operational approach.

Resolve privacy and security incidents with a streamlined, operational approach that cuts your team’s effort in half and keeps you forever-compliant with shifting regulations.

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Signature technology solves for privacy’s most complex challenges.

Full process automation provides consistent, defensible results and enables your team to make accurate decisions based on consistent criteria.

A robust system of protection and compliance for Insurance.

From third-party risks to root cause, Radar® helps reduce risk across all operation vectors to provide a future-proof compliance strategy to build consumer trust.


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Aug 25, 2022

A Comprehensive Guide to the NAIC Model Law

The number of states that have passed data laws based on the NAIC Model in the past year has more than doubled. Our team of experts put together a com…

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The Radar® integration with ServiceNow enables efficient incident response management throughout the incident workflow, reducing mean time to resolution for privacy incidents. A bidirectional relationship between the two platforms creates a seamless workflow and facilitates the exchange of critical information across teams, who can now work in parallel to reduce decision time and efficiently resolve incidents.

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TrustArc is the leader in data privacy compliance and risk management solutions through its unmatched combination of innovative technology, expert consulting and TRUSTe certification solutions that together address all phases of privacy program management. The TrustArc Privacy Platform is the foundation for all of its solutions, delivering a flexible, scalable and secure way to manage privacy and comply with the global privacy regulations, including the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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CENTRL is an enterprise-grade privacy management solution, and its Privacy360 is flexible and scalable for evolving global privacy management requirements, including compliance requirements for the GDPR, LGPD, CCPA, and future U.S. and international regulations. CENTRL’s solution has a full suite of modules for privacy compliance and includes complete third party and vendor risk management capabilities.

Your success is our success

We strive to deliver value as a trusted, long-term strategic partner in privacy, always mindful of the trust Radar® users place in us.

There’s no other platform that helps to automate decision making based on current data breach laws.
Chief Privacy Officer Fortune 500 Insurance Company
The software standardizes how we handle incidents, removing the subjectivity that comes with using manual processes. Not only that, it’s helpful in defending our decisions regarding breach notification.
Privacy Executive Fortune 200 Insurance Company
We don’t have people interpreting laws or contracts inconsistently anymore. Our CRO was able to show the CEO how we are able to better control the overall risk with RadarFirst.
Chief Information & Security Officer Fortune 500 Insurance Company

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