Elevate your Risk Management Strategy to See the Bigger Picture

To meet legal and regulatory requirements efficiently and effectively, you need a solution that aligns your unique risk profile to regulatory obligations.

With Radar® Compliance, you can go beyond manual approaches and gain a new perspective of organizational risk through consistent, scalable, and documented decision-making.


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What is Radar® Compliance?

Radar® Compliance is a configurable rules and assessment engine that lets you streamline compliance processes for efficient, consistent, and documented decision-making. 

From regulatory changes to contractual and internal notification obligations, Radar Compliance helps mitigate risk and demonstrate regulatory compliance within your own unique organizational needs.

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When Reputation is on the Line, Every Decision Counts

Mobilize your teams with a collaborative solution to document decision-making for cyber events.

On top of managing risk, compliance leaders are expected to protect their brand and keep up with evolving regulatory obligations. When you’re ready to rise above daily risk assessments, Radar® Compliance can help you effectively document and communicate organizational risk and ensure your organization is always compliant and protected.


Cybersecurity Disclosure is a Board-level Issue


NYDFS Bolsters Cybersecurity Requirements


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InfoSec and Security professionals are trusted within their organization to protect the company against new and evolving security threats—and must act quickly when an event occurs. A consistent and scalable risk management strategy allows you to efficiently work across the organization to determine notification obligations and make decisions fast. The below resources will help you get started to elevate your risk perspective.


Cyber Threats and Risk Amplification


Cyber: One Risk to Rule Them All


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