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The scope and complexity of privacy incident response obligations today have grown. An intelligent solution is the best approach to quickly, consistently, and accurately address the challenges of privacy incident response. Radar is the only solution that maps data breach notification laws to an automated risk assessment, ensuring you avoid the pitfalls of over- and under-notifying.

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Step-by-Step: Radar Supports the Entire Incident Response Lifecycle

Identify and Investigate

Radar’s configurable web forms guide submitters through an in-depth incident intake process, collecting all details critical to perform an automated risk assessment. APIs and integrations with SIEM and GRC systems streamline coordination between security and privacy teams.

  • Fully configurable intake and guest submission forms
  • APIs and integrations with SIEM and GRC Systems


Radar maps current state, federal, global, and contractual notification obligations to an automated risk assessment, providing consistent incident risk scoring and decision-support guidance.

  • Risk scoring
  • Heatmap the severity of the incident against the sensitivity of the data
  • Decision-support and notification guidance
  • Law overviews and regulatory watchlists


Radar provides an incident risk score, and based on the guidance of its intelligent law engine and your privacy policies, you make the ultimate decision to notify or not.

  • Notify, and Radar walks you through the next steps
  • Don’t notify, and Radar automatically documents why


Radar enables you to meet breach notification deadlines with built-in and fully customizable notification letter templates. And a central repository for storing all incident-related documentation helps you quickly and easily prove compliance to regulators and auditors.

  • Customizable notification letter templates
  • Central repository for incident-related documentation


Build reports and identify trends directly in the Radar platform. With data visualization, dashboards, and benchmarking built-in, you can easily pinpoint areas of improvement and pull reports for leadership and the board.

  • Real-time dashboards
  • Reporting and data visualization
  • Industry benchmarking

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We can easily identify the high-severity [incidents] that require more investigation and achieve total consistency and proof of compliance in the risk assessment process.

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