A strong culture of compliance depends on having information readily available at your fingertips. Data is a powerful tool in the hands of privacy professionals. It can inform improvement efforts, point out trends, and be a hub for real-time and data driven insights, allowing departments, executives, and board members to share, view, and measure the performance of a privacy program.

Despite all these known benefits of robust reporting and dashboards, many privacy teams find collection of and timely access to this critical data to be both a challenge and an impediment to quantifying the strategic impact of their privacy programs.

Radar’s real-time reporting and dashboards provides data-driven and actionable insights into your organization’s privacy program, making it easier to identify trends and uncover issues important for privacy program maturity of your incident response process. Build, filter, sort, and export reports such as:

  • Compliance metrics
  • Trend analysis and charts
  • Incident details and notification reports
Right: example 12-month breach/no breach
report in Radar. Left: example board-level

Executives struggle with a lack of visibility to real-time, actionable metrics and benchmarking data that is critical for internal stakeholders, regulators, and board members. Without accurate and timely measurement of the state of the privacy program, management is asked to make investment decisions without the supporting information and return-on-investment. Often the process to pull together the required performance metrics and trends for monthly and quarterly program assessments can take days with painfully manual and error prone processes, resulting in questionable data integrity.

Privacy professionals – those who manage the day-today operations of an organization’s privacy program – are challenged to track daily operational metrics without proper tools, automation, and access to playbooks for best practices in incident response. As a result, privacy teams are deprived of the insights embedded in the incident response data and cannot establish appropriate metrics and dashboards that are easily tracked for continuous operational visibility and excellence.

Despite these challenges, data analysis and reporting remains a necessity. Every privacy program is required to provide metrics and reports – to their board, to regulators, or internally for program wellness checks.

Real-time reporting at the click of a button

Without RadarFirst, we couldn’t give our Board of Directors the privacy metrics they’ve requested. — VP Privacy Operations at a Fortune 50 Enterprise

Radar is a patented SaaS solution that helps organizations comply with US federal, state, and international breach notification laws, guiding users through a consistent and intuitive process for profiling and scoring any data privacy or security incident to determine whether the incident is a data breach requiring notice to regulators, impacted individuals, or other external entities. Radar’s purpose-built workflow automates and simplifies the aggregation of your incident management metadata necessary for accurate and timely analysis and reporting.

Real-time dashboards provide visibility into incident assessment status and notification deadlines for prioritization, as well as high-level views of pending action items and emerging trends. The Radar reporting functionality makes it easy to build custom reports in minutes, automating the board and executive level analysis that may otherwise take weeks to pull together manually. Reports can easily be customized, filtered, sorted, saved and exported.

Sample reports readily available in Radar:

  • For regulators: HHS Summaries, including the annual report of data breaches impacting fewer than 500 individuals; and monthly and quarterly reports required to OCC, FDIC, FRB;
  • For internal purposes: board and executive-level reporting, benchmarking and key performance indicators such as volume of reported incidents, number of affected records, root cause, incident source, etc.

The reporting capabilities within Radar help prove your privacy program is remaining compliant and running efficiently, increases visibility of critical privacy statistics to executives and board members, and brings efficiency in remaining compliant with requests from auditors and regulators.

Radar is the privacy incident management solution trusted by privacy teams to automate and operationalize incident response, from benchmarking data to notification decisions. Contact us to learn more about full Radar functionality.

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The Radar Dashboard allows you at-a-glance views into your organization’s privacy practice, making it easier to prioritize urgent tasks
Generate all the information needed to provide regulatory reports.
Sort, filter, and save custom reports.
Example reports showing root cause and departmental origins for privacy incidents help you determine root cause to mitigate future risk.
Radar identifies and quantifies internal risks such as those posed by third-party breaches. Filtered through the lens of upstream and downstream. i.e. Upstream, how often am I notifying my customers?
Downstream visibility into third-party contracts lets you to
assess if service providers notifying your organization in a timely manner.
Radar benchmarking allows you to compare your incident management performance to peers in your industry, while benchmarking by organization size and against your previous year’s performance

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