Streamline a Complex, Multi-Step Process

RadarFirst provides privacy and legal professionals with a complete solution for efficiently managing the lifecycle of incident response, from multi-factor incident risk assessment to notification in the case of a breach.

Compliance with data breach regulatory and contractual notification obligations can be complex and time consuming. Once it has been determined that an incident requires notification, there is a need for managing the notification process including generating notification letters to multiple individuals, regulatory agencies and business clients. Staying on top of notification deadlines, format and content requirements brings additional complexity and creates risk. The new Notification Letters Module in RadarFirst enables seamless creation and
management of notification letters to help manage the complete incident response lifecycle.

Closing the Loop: Printing Notification Letters

Users create a master template for all notification content (including letterhead details like company logo) to ensure consistency across notification letters. Users are then able to create incident-specific notification letters for individuals, regulatory agencies and clients, and
print the letters directly from RadarFirst. All letters are maintained in a repository associated with the incident, providing additional coverage should an audit occur.

  • Create and maintain a master template for efficient and consistent letter generation
  • Create letters for individuals, regulatory agencies, and business clients
  • Customize letters by overriding the master template content and including incident-specific information such as discovery date and regulated data
  • Print letters directly from RadarFirst
  • Maintain a single repository of all letters associated with an incident
  • Easily track all notification letters generated

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