Notification Compliance, Global Regulations, and Inefficiency

The 3 Challenges to Efficiency in Privacy Incident Response

Complex Data Breach Notification Requirements

Privacy incident response is becoming the cornerstone of organizational compliance

How an organization manages its response to privacy and security incidents determines the level of risk to its business, brand, and customers. To be successful, companies must develop an incident response process that accounts for the evolving nature of threats, copes with limited resources, and complies with complex breach notification laws.

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What’s changed?

2020 Data Breach Legislative Action Included:

  • Almost 30 U.S. states have passed specific requirements to notify attorney generals in the event of a breach and several more created specific timelines for data breach notifications
  • Dozens of countries now have a mandatory or recommended notification obligation under a general breach notification law, including Brazil, Egypt, Thailand, and South Africa; and Australia’s passed a new Privacy Act
  • Jurisdictional definitions of “personal data” have expanded to meet demand for individuals’ rights

Included in this whitepaper:

  • Insights into the shifting privacy landscape in 2021
  • Tips to operationalize privacy incident response
  • A value framework for centering IR in Privacy ROI

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Hot topics in privacy regulations this year

Globally, notification regulations show no sign of slowing down which has left the burdens of compliance and inefficiency on privacy leaders within organizations. As privacy regulations accrue, we’ve learned that most breaches involve more than one jurisdiction and privacy professionals need to be able to make notification decisions quickly and consistently. As states continue to introduce new and amended privacy laws, your “best fit” solution can’t be counted on to create consistency across jurisdictions.

Long story short, don’t get comfortable with your privacy playbook, new laws are coming and old laws are changing.

Looking Ahead: Count on Continued Complexity.

As we analyze this flurry of legislative activity over the past year, one overarching trend becomes clear: the momentum gained within the privacy sector over the last two years is no passing trend. As state and federal governments recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, legislation affecting data breach notification will likely appear with new complexities and regulations.

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