Fragmentation, Acceleration, and the Personal Information Explosion

Trends in Changing Data Breach Notification Laws 2021

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How to Play a Winning Game

In the game of compliance, regulators are always keeping score. With today’s fast-paced regulatory environment, it feels like the rules of privacy are always changing, while the risks of non-compliance loom ever-threatening.

Even as privacy teams manage day-to-day risks, it’s challenging to manage fragmented state, federal, and international laws, changing notification timelines, and shifting definitions of personally identifiable information (PII). But together, we can pave through the thick of things by equipping ourselves with the tools to navigate regulatory trends and changes.

In this ebook, we’ll guide you through the winding path of privacy incident response, notification decisioning, and risk management.

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The High Stakes of Privacy Compliance

As the rules of compliance change, the game board is also in flux. In 2020, crises in the world outside created new risks and compliance issues for privacy teams, such as:

  • New safety measures from COVID-19 created challenges to protect PII and complexities for defending decisions made during the pandemic
  • Difficulties managing privacy incidents caused by physical threats such as natural disasters and civil unrest
  • Ongoing breach situations such as foreign security interference of US government agencies and businesses

Included in this ebook:

  • Insights to decipher the shifting privacy landscape in 2021
  • Updates to new regulations and notification timelines
  • Resources to ensure consistent incident response management

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New Rules in the Game of Privacy

2020 Data Breach Legislative Action Included:

  1. Almost 30 U.S. states passed specific requirements to notify attorneys general in the event of a breach and several more created specific timelines for data breach notifications
  2. Dozens of countries established mandatory or recommended notification obligation under a general breach notification law
  3. Jurisdictional definitions of “personal data” have expanded to meet the demand for individuals’ rights
  4. NAIC Model Laws continue to add complexity in insurance and financial sectors

Ways to Win a Fast-changing Game

To avoid financial or reputational pitfalls, you need to find efficiencies within workflows and make space to concentrate on the big picture. This process can be simplified with tools that enable quick assessment of new regulatory requirements and guidance to adapt privacy practices and incident response procedures.

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