Taking Uncertainty Out of Privacy Incident Response

The Definitive Guide to Privacy Incident Response

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Create a Unified Framework for Incident Response

To stay compliant in this chaotic environment, you need an incident response process that takes inefficiency and guesswork out of the equation. A mature incident response process will be:

  • Defensible: You need to be able to show consistent, objective multi-factor risk assessments and well-documented criteria for
    your decisions whether to notify or not.
  • Global: Your risk assessment and response need to take into account all the laws that may apply in each separate incident.
  • Fast and accurate: Your team needs to arrive at the right notification decision in time to meet compliance deadlines for every applicable regulation and jurisdiction.

Consistent, repeatable processes and the right tools to support each phase will help ensure consistency, accelerate decision-making time, eliminate the risk of over- and under-reporting, and help your organization stay current and compliant with the changing regulatory landscape.

Included in this guide:

  • An overview of each phase of the incident response process
  • A checklist to assess whether your organization is executing each phase consistently
  • Recommended steps to address any performance gaps

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Privacy incident response has evolved into a global game of leapfrog: as fast as privacy teams add staffing and improve their processes, new challenges rise before them.

From the US and the EU to Brazil and Malaysia, nations and states are enacting both general and industry-specific privacy regulations. Mandated response times for data breaches are becoming shorter and shorter, despite evolving and disjointed definitions of sensitive information, accountability, ownership of information, and even what constitutes a breach.

We face a growing number of incidents and threats, given the proliferation of data in our business operations, yet privacy teams struggle to get internal commitment and resources, often bundled with or borrowing from non-privacy budget areas such as security.

Download the full guide for an overview of each phase of the privacy incident response process and checklists for success and improvement.

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