What You Need to Know About the FTC Safeguards Rule Amendment

Jun 6, 2024

On October 27, 2023, the FTC announced it had approved amendments to the Safeguards Rule, including a requirement for non-banking financial institutions to report certain security events to the FTC. The amended rule went into effect on May 13th, 2024. Continue reading to learn what you need to know about the FTC Safeguards Rule Amendment.

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Episode 2: Privacy is a Customer Service | On Your Radar Podcast

Feb 22, 2024

We’re back with another episode of On Your Radar! In this week’s episode of our podcast, we sit down with Paige Boshell, Privacy Counsel at Chevron, to dive into the ever-changing world of regulations and how they relate to customer service. With data breaches and privacy concerns on the rise, companies are under pressure to not only comply with regulations but also provide top-notch customer service when it comes to protecting their customers’ data.

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Trends & Technology to Help Utilities Build Community Trust

Oct 25, 2022

In our latest white paper, we explore the increasing data complexity within the utilities sector. Download the white paper to discover the steps you can take to build community trust through successful data privacy and incident management.

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Trends & Technology to Build Guest Trust in Hospitality

Sep 26, 2022

In our latest white paper, we take a deep dive into hospitality marketing trends and technologies and how they have affected data privacy and incident management. Download the white paper to discover the steps you can take to build guest trust.

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FCC Proposes Stricter Data Breach Reporting Requirements to Protect CPNI

Feb 24, 2022

What is CPNI? CPNI includes customer data collected by telecommunications providers, including what services subscribers use and the amount and type of usage. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is proposing stricter reporting requirements for telecomm. companies to better protect CPNI and maintain CPNI compliance. Learn more in the blog.

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