Privacy incidents don’t always happen when it’s most convenient for your Privacy team. That doesn’t change the fact that the clock starts ticking from the moment the incident occurred, regardless of discovery time or when an incident intake form was completed.

Privacy teams require flexible incident management that never delays time-sensitive incident reporting. With the IMAP integration to Radar® Privacy, incident reporting from anywhere at any time is just an email away.

Streamline Incident Intake

Create flexibility within your incident intake workflow with a Radar® Privacy and IMAP integration. Radar® Privacy already offers your Privacy team simplified incident management automation. Now, further streamline your intake process with an IMAP integration that allows for efficient, flexible, and timely incident intake form completion directly from email.

Simply by sending an email to an IMAP account, anyone within your organization can quickly submit an incident to your Privacy team. The IMAP integration will then review the contents of each email and create a unique incident within Radar, including the submission of any email attachments.

Examples of how data is mapped from an IMAP email to the Radar® Privacy intake form include:

  • Email subject line → Radar® Privacy incident name
  • Email body text → Radar® Privacy incident description
  • Email received date/time → Radar® Privacy incident creation date/time

Streamlined incident creation on the go is now possible for your entire organization with the Radar® Privacy and IMAP integration.

Key benefits:

  • Improved incident reporting timeliness
  • Incredible team and organizational flexibility
  • Optimization of current workflows and systems
  • Convenient incident creation on the go
  • Removal of obstacles to incident intake and reporting
  • Timely submission of incident intake forms
  • Flexibility around organizational protocols for incident submission
  • Streamlined workflows for incident management and assessment
  • Reduction of duplicate tasks for the Privacy team

Use Case

Loss of electronic and paper information

While out to dinner on a Friday evening, a key financial employee of a B2C business leaves their backpack in a parked car. The backpack contains a computer with downloaded files as well as paper reports, both containing personal information of customers and employees. The car window is smashed and the backpack is stolen.

When the employee discovers the theft upon their return to their parked car, they call law enforcement to report the crime. The employee also sends an email to “[email protected]” and includes the key incident information, along with pictures of the initial police report and the car window. The employee received a confirmation email that the incident was indeed received by Radar® Privacy, and therefore in the hands of the Privacy team.

The affected company’s IMAP email integration to Radar® Privacy enabled this timely privacy incident reporting via Gmail that otherwise may have been delayed for several days over the weekend.

Visual / verbal sharing of information

While attending a conference, an employee participating in a joint presentation inadvertently shared their screen which contained sensitive information about employees within their company. This screen is left up for nearly a minute before the employee is made aware of the mistake.

A co-worker attending the session immediately reports this inadvertent information sharing by sending a brief summary via email to “[email protected]” without even leaving the conference room. The reporting employee received a confirmation email in return, assuring them that the Privacy team had received the automatically generated intake form, and would assess the incident.

The impacted company has previously implemented the IMAP integration with Radar® Privacy, which enabled this flexible email reporting via Outlook, resolving a potential reporting delay as the incident took place outside of the office.

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