What Privacy Already Knows

When an incident includes the exposure of personal data, the challenge amplifies across an organization. For the privacy team, regardless of the origin, this incident is now a privacy incident. As a result, the incident response process has suddenly grown exponentially more complex as the privacy team must quickly gather the facts while it races against tight timelines to comply with a multitude of data
breach laws.

The challenges that Privacy faces are further compounded when their team struggles to work in concert with other impacted teams who have a critical role to play in the resolution of an incident.

Unify Privacy Incident Management

Incident Dimensions in Radar® Privacy allows the privacy team to consolidate the privacy incident management process in a single tool. In doing so, Privacy is able to successfully manage the collaboration with each functional area that is directly connected to any one incident.

Incident Dimensions brings multiple teams together in one place. A unique workflow augments the incident management process when personal data is involved and allows for the flexibility of each team to view and manage their own obligations.

Team members from a variety of departments can easily interact with their aspect of an incident that is directly relevant to their discipline and responsibilities.

When an incident originates outside of Privacy and does not involve personal information, Radar® Privacy provides functional teams, currently without a tool, an incident management solution.

Privacy Needs Access to Impacted Teams

By streamlining the escalation and reporting process of privacy incidents, Incident Dimensions increases operational efficiency for all impacted teams. The overlap with Privacy is no longer a burden as teams across all functional areas can now work together to resolve incidents.

incident dimensions graphic radarfirst

Cultivate Collaboration

Each functional area is potentially a source of critical information during the incident investigation and represents a dimension of the incident. For example, an incident may originate with Security and be classified as such. However, that incident can evolve to include a privacy dimension or a compliance dimension. Or both.

The same is true in reverse. A privacy incident can feature multiple dimensions: Security, Risk, and Records Management. The key is that Privacy needs to be able to work with these teams when an incident involves more than one dimension.

When personal data is compromised, privacy incident management must become a multi-functional effort spanning all functional areas working quickly to mitigate the business risks of a potential data breach.

Overcome Department Silos

The privacy team can’t do it alone

In addition to a dedicated privacy incident management tool, the privacy team needs access to and collaboration from other teams. Personal data protection increasingly affects a broad number of functional teams: Security, Compliance, Records Management, Billing etc. But each team has their own processes and often their own tools.
And what should be a seamless connection between teams quickly becomes a fragmented process: the incident management scramble.

The absence of a connection between functional areas and Privacy not only leads to an inefficient process, but the costly delay of incident management. The hard reality is, the privacy team cannot successfully assimilate the correct information to resolve an incident without the concentrated cooperation of every functional team that has a stake in the outcome.

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