The many complex challenges of privacy incident management require a sophisticated, expansive solution that utilizes automation to deliver a streamlined, operational approach to easily resolve privacy and security incidents.

To protect the personal data of customers, clients, and partners and avoid costly regulatory penalties or reputational fallout, privacy professionals must not only navigate a landscape of changing privacy laws, new deadlines, and varying definitions of personal information.
They must conduct a comprehensive investigation, perform regulatory research, potentially identify third-party contractual obligations, and at the end of the day make accurate, objective decisions faster.

With so many changing factors, meeting compliance requirements in the complex and time-critical landscape of data breach management has become a formidable foe. When it comes to a privacy incident, it’s imperative to scrutinize the current global privacy laws and risk of harm rules in order to make consistent, accurate decisions throughout the lifecycle of an incident.

What makes Radar® Privacy Incident Management software intelligent?

Radar® Privacy intelligent incident management software automates the privacy risk assessment and immediately solves the most complex questions after a breach occurs:

  • Does this breach require us to notify?
  • What is our risk of harm analysis for each jurisdiction or region?
  • How much time do we have to meet our breach notification obligations?

With data breach decision intelligence built-in, you can make faster and more accurate decisions with half the effort. Radar® Privacy enables an exhaustive investigation that ensures all critical details from an incident – of which there are unlimited variations – are captured. And throughout the profiling of an incident, Radar® Privacy automatically and seamlessly connects that critical data to the appropriate breach notification laws.

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This image depicts a network of privacy incident inputs displayed as a connected network of information, in their center, an alert icon. The inputs range from incident details about region, regulations, the number of impacted individuals, organizational context, and third-party obligations. On the right side of the image, the details are synthesized into an automated risk of harm assessment mapped to the region, notification obligations, and notification timeline. This is what RadarFirst does, it automate complex incident details into direct, actionable notification decisioning.

Radar® Privacy Intelligent Data Breach Management synthesizes 130,000+ possible risk factor combinations to delivery consistent decisioning that simplifies hours of work into the click of a button.

Upon completion of this incident profile, Radar® Privacy runs all the inputs through our signature technology, the Radar® Breach Guidance Engine, and instantly produces a critical output: data breach notification obligations. Each obligation is broken down by jurisdiction — state, federal, or international — as well as third-party contracts.

Radar® Privacy’s signature automation maps all current state, federal, global, and contractual notification obligations to an automated risk assessment, giving you consistent incident risk scoring and decision-support guidance with every assessment, no matter the convoluted details.

Using a web portal or guest form, employees across the organization can input the details of an incident so that it may be profiled for a risk assessment.

Intelligent Software Drives Digital Transformation

Radar® Privacy is the future-proof solution for privacy data breach management that will support your organization’s drive toward digital transformation. As an agile platform that always remains up to date with current global data breach regulations, Radar® Privacy ensures customers meet compliance with all of their regulatory obligations.

The number of data breach laws continues to increase (showing no sign of slowing down) which exponentially increases the complexity in maintaining compliance. Knowing the laws saves you some time. But connecting the laws to the risk assessment saves you every time.

Intelligent incident management is a scalable and permanent solution that will grow alongside the privacy landscape and always deliver quick and accurate breach notification recommendations.

If you’re ready for an incident response solution that is unmatched in consistency and repeatability, book a demo to see Radar® Privacy can save you time, stress, and money today.

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