Bridging the Privacy and Security Gap

How a Fortune 200 Company Reduced Enterprise Risk through Intelligent Incident Response

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Broadcast Date: April 21, 2021

In today’s world of expanding threats and tightening privacy regulations, Security, IT, and Privacy teams must work together when responding to incidents involving the disclosure of personal data. With the landscape of state, federal, and international breach notification laws always changing, teams must act quickly to determine whether the incident requires notification — to who, and when. Failure to comply could result in fines, penalties, and a severe hit on an organization’s brand and reputation.

Watch the Q&A where you will:

  • Learn how cross-functional teams can better collaborate to shorten the overall remediation cycle on incidents involving personal data
  • Get tips on how to remove silos by tightening integration of processes and technology between security, privacy, compliance, risk, and legal to achieve enterprise-wide visibility, reporting, and analytics associated with potential breaches
  • Experience a live demonstration of how ServiceNow and RadarFirst have teamed up to provide a fully integrated platform for tracking and managing security and privacy incidents; helping global organizations firm up their risk posture by maintaining compliance with regulatory and contractual breach notification obligations
  • Hear a case study of a Fortune 200 company that benefited from the integration

Live Q&A Speakers:

Travis Cannon
Solutions Engineering Director

Keith Reynolds
Senior Advisory Architect, Security & Risk

Shannon Lake
Vice President, Sales and Marketing