The 2019 IAPP Privacy. Risk. Security. conference is only a few days away, and there will be a lot to discuss as leading minds in the privacy field gather in Las Vegas to establish and share best practices.

This event is also a great environment for identifying the hottest trends and topics in Privacy. Looking at this year’s agenda and in conversations with privacy professionals, here are some of the topics I’m expecting to be popular throughout the conference (more on each topic below).

  1. Understanding the CCPA
  2.  Adtech 101
  3. Privacy in Technology
  4. Manage Privacy Risk for the Enterprise
  5. Let your Data Talk – Radar Session! 


This year, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will be a huge topic of study and conversation. Organizations have a short time frame to achieve compliance around the broad categories of information covered by the Act (including regulation of online behavior, location and biometric data, and information on households as well as consumers). And any new policies and practices will need to be examined and adjusted as 11 other states prepare to pass similar legislation. The workshop Understanding the CCPA should be popular, as it covers everything from basic compliance requirements to working with third-party vendors, plus an expert panel to help you handle gray areas left by the legislation.

Intersection of Technology and Privacy

Technology will be another hot topic. The Adtech 101 workshop on online advertising and privacy is particularly timely, given the new rules coming out of California and other states. The online advertising ecosystem, and therefore the protection of personal information within it, are complex, and this workshop should give a great foundation for figuring out compliance in your organization, Technology also presents challenges because it giveth privacy and taketh away. For all the wonders of AI, biometrics, and multi-factor authentication, there’s another vast store of data that must be protected. The Privacy in Technology training will help professionals who want to deepen their knowledge about data protection.

Enterprise Risk and Privacy Incident Response

Risk assessment and management are areas where best practices continue to evolve. The workshop Managing Privacy Risk for the Enterprise should have lots of useful ideas, and we’re looking forward to gaining new insights from the panel discussion.

RADAR will participate in the session Let Your Data Talk, sharing our expertise on benchmarking to develop concrete ROI and metrics to gauge the results of your incident response program and communicate those results to key stakeholders. By analyzing metadata in the trove of privacy and security incidents managed through the RADAR platform, we have identified critical performance indicators, best practices, and benchmarks, and we look forward to sharing them with our colleagues in the IAPP. We’ll also be presenting the Little Big Stage session CCPA and Beyond, giving our perspective on CCPA and how to manage breach notification in a fast-changing regulatory landscape. We hope you’ll join us on Tuesday, September 24th for those sessions, and please visit us at Booth #309.

We also hope to meet you in some of the many mixers and meet-ups that will happen at the conference, including our welcome party on Monday night. Formal sessions are great, but one of the big benefits of a professional gathering is the opportunity to spontaneously brainstorm, network with people facing challenges similar to your own, and return home inspired and armed with new ideas. In this case, what happens in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas!