Selection fueled by company core competency, product and service offerings, culture of innovation, and market reach.

PORTLAND, Ore. — February 08, 2017 — Insurance CIO Outlook announced today that RADAR® has been selected as one of the Top 10 Security System Solution Providers of 2017. The list of selected solution providers has been published in the January 2017 edition of Insurance CIO Outlook magazine.

“We are proud to announce RADAR® as one among the Top 10 Security System Solution Providers 2017,” said Pamela Morgan, Managing Editor of Insurance CIO Outlook. Selection is based on company core competency, product and service offerings, innovations, and market reach of the company, along with the culture of innovation within the organization and challenges the company is tackling. A panel of experts, technology leaders, and board members of Insurance CIO Outlook finalized the top 10 list.

RADAR is committed to being at the forefront of developing innovative incident response and decision-support solutions for the insurance sector and other highly regulated industries to help ensure compliance with complex and changing data breach laws. It is the only incident response management platform on the market that assesses, profiles, and scores data privacy and security incidents based on a multi-factor and multi-jurisdictional risk assessment, and provides decision-support guidance based on state and federal data breach laws.

“My motivation and inspiration for RADAR was seeing firsthand the struggle privacy and security professionals had when it came to managing incidents involving regulated data,” said Mahmood Sher-Jan, CEO and founder of RADAR, Inc. “There really wasn’t a technology available to help them make consistent decisions and develop metrics to manage the very challenging and time consuming process. We knew that if we brought innovation and software modeling capabilities to bear, we could solve this problem very effectively.”

Designed to replace a complex and manual process with a technology-driven solution, RADAR’s innovative platform complements an ecosystem of security and privacy tools and closes the loop on incident response. Taking the information gathered in security and privacy systems, such as Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) platforms and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions, RADAR provides the next step: risk assessment and guidance to determine if an incident is a data breach, whether it is notifiable, which regulatory bodies must be notified, and by what date. Recent developments include a new RADAR Alert Action Add-on for Splunk, which provides a direct gateway for any events captured in Splunk or their extended security network to be pushed into RADAR as privacy incidents for further assessment. With RADAR’s integrations and partnerships with leading technology companies such as Splunk, Tripwire and Iatric, organizations are provided with a complete solution for detecting and managing incidents.

About RADAR, Inc.

In today’s world of increasingly complex and changing privacy regulations, cyber attacks, and data breaches, leading organizations trust RADAR®, a patented SaaS-based incident response management platform that simplifies and streamlines compliance with federal and state data breach laws. The RADAR Breach Guidance Engine™ leads users through an intuitive workflow that profiles and scores data privacy and security incidents and generates incident-specific notification guidelines to help ensure compliance with federal and state laws. Fortune 100 companies and other organizations from heavily regulated industries in finance, healthcare, insurance, and beyond rely on RADAR for an efficient and consistent process for incident response. Learn more at

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Published from Fremont, California, Insurance CIO Outlook is a print magazine which gives insights about the latest news and updates on new technologies that are transforming the ways insurance industries work. A panel of experts, professionals, technology leaders including board members of Insurance CIO Outlook have finalized the list of “Top 10 Security Systems Solution Providers 2017” and shortlisted the best vendors and consultants. For more info, visit: