Will you be at the 2018 IAPP Global Privacy Summit?

Connect with the RADAR team to preview our GDPR solution

Features_3_GDPRRADAR is offering an exclusive sneak peek of our new GDPR regulatory workflow during the 2018 IAPP Global Privacy Summit. 

Visit RADAR at booth 35 during the IAPP Global Privacy Summit for an exclusive preview of our GDPR breach notification solution, and learn how you can quickly perform risk assessments to make consistent and timely notification decisions. RADAR’s multi-factor and multi-jurisdictional decision-support platform operationalizes breach notification under the GDPR.

With RADAR, you can:

  • Efficiently capture breach details and risk profiles. Through an intuitive interface, capture breach details including key risk factors such as the intentional or unintentional nature of the breach, data protection measures, risk mitigation outcomes, and the scope and sensitivity of personal data involved.
  • Quickly perform risk assessments to make consistent and timely notification decisions. Breach notification decision-support guidance and obligation details are codified into the RADAR Breach Guidance Engine™, which recognizes the nuances in DPA and affected individual notification requirements for organizations with or without an establishment in the EU.
  • Provide supervisory authority notification within the 72 hour timeframe. Track and prioritize notification requirements in a central dashboard. Create and manage notification letters directly from the assessment profile, maintaining a repository of every notification.

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