Purpose-built Privacy

18 Functions to Prove Value with Intelligent Incident Response

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The Age of Operationalized Organizations is Here

The Why of Intelligent Incident Response | RadarFirst

Creating efficiency within and between departments presents massive benefits to businesses, but only when using the right tools and building the right infrastructure to support expanding complexity within the privacy incident response landscape.

Purpose-built technology allows nuance within sensitive privacy processes that are rife with unique challenges. As workloads amass for privacy, compliance, and security professionals, employing an intelligent incident response solution can provide immediate relief and long-term business value to catalyze efficiency and equip teams with actionable means to reduce risk, save time, and build value – and we can prove it.

The future of privacy regulation is unknown, but the solution to future-proof compliance is already here. Jump to download >

Included in this ebook:

  • The philosophy and impact of purpose-built privacy tools
  • 18 ways to quantify business impact with intelligent incident response
  • Resources to ensure consistent and efficient incident response management

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Our Why is Your Value

The ROI of Intelligent Incident Response | RadarFirst

Radar is a first-of-its-kind solution to solve the inefficiencies inherent with a manual approach for privacy incident management. Through 12 years of development, the purpose of Radar has always been to provide predictability for notification decisioning amid ever-changing data breach laws. With intelligent incident response, privacy teams gain confidence in decision-making, consistency in risk assessment, and more time to drive business outside of incident response.

For this ebook, quantifiable business impact from Radar was determined by our third-party research firm, Hobson & Company, a research firm that specializes in Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) studies. Hobson & Co. worked with RadarFirst customers to quantify the value of an automated incident response management solution and grouped business impact into four key areas:

    1. Efficiency gains
    2. Risk mitigation
    3. Cost savings
    4. Trust building

To demonstrate quantifiable value for privacy programs, we worked with RadarFirst customers to identify 18 key privacy incident response functions that can provide impactful change across organizations.  

Equipped with these functions and a clear path to ROI, privacy leaders can take a proactive approach to compliance and make an organization-wide impact through privacy and compliance.

Download the ebook to learn how Radar Intelligent Incident Response Software was designed specifically to drive efficiency, reduce risk, and build trust, and prove value through every stage of incident response.

Purpose-built Privacy: 18 Functions to Prove Value with Intelligent Incident Response | RadarFirst

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