Cost-Justifying a Privacy Program

Ever been asked to provide a cost-justification or return on investment (ROI) analysis for a solution or specific program within your privacy or compliance team? Generating a proper ROI and quantifying the value of privacy within an organization can sound like a daunting task at first, but there’s a methodology that can help break down the steps and simplify the process.

Catch up on this Q&A session with ROI expert, Tammy Klein, Partner at Hobson & Company, as we discuss the methodology behind generating accurate and actionable ROI metrics within your privacy program.

This virtual session explores:

  • Why calculating an ROI is so critical for your team
  • Best practices around the development of an ROI
  • How to align your privacy program to strategic objectives
  • The role that operational metrics play in quantifying value

Special guest:

Tammy Klein
Hobson & Company