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PORTLAND, Ore. — April 4, 2016 — Cyber attacks, lost paper files, spear phishing schemes, lost laptops—privacy and security incidents that expose sensitive data are an inevitable part of doing business. In today’s world of data breaches, leading organizations turn to RADAR®, a SaaS-based incident response management platform, to automate and simplify the process of assessing and responding to privacy and security incidents to meet compliance with federal and state breach laws. Today, RADAR announced two new innovative product updates that will help organizations take control of and streamline privacy and security incident management.

New Updates to RADAR: Contractual Obligations Workflow and Single Page Assessment

Fortune 100 companies and other organizations in finance, healthcare, and insurance rely on RADAR for its innovative approach to incident response management. RADAR was first-to-market with its patented Breach Guidance Engine™ and purpose-built workflows to address the complex and ever-changing regulatory requirements imposed by federal and state data breach notification laws. Continuing its culture of innovation, RADAR has introduced a new approach to managing contractual incident notification obligations and has further streamlined its guidance and prioritization workflow. Demos of these new features will be shown at IAPP Global Privacy Summit (booth #52) and HCCA Compliance Institute (booth #117):

  • Contractual Obligations Workflow: Organizations often have contractual business agreements with hundreds or thousands of business clients and third-party vendors. When a breach occurs, organizations are required to notify or get notified by these third parties. Since each requirement may differ for each business agreement, meeting contractual obligations can be a complex, multi-step, and highly inefficient process, putting the business at risk of breaching its contractual obligations. The contractual obligations workflow automates and streamlines the whole notification process and helps organizations stay compliant with all of their contractual business agreements.
  • Single Page Assessment: Given that incidents can involve many regulatory jurisdictions, users rely on RADAR to help with deciding whether to notify and prioritizing their efforts on jurisdictions with the most stringent notification timelines to avoid non-compliance. This new feature shows all assessment results on a single page, enabling users to easily step through the assessments and make jurisdiction specific notification decisions. The page provides an overall view of the incident’s risk index, exceptions, regulated data, guidance, notification types, and due dates; and give users control the level of detail displayed.

“Despite best security and privacy strategies, it is nearly impossible to stop sensitive customer data from falling into the wrong hands,” said Mahmood Sher-Jan, CEO of RADAR, a business unit of ID Experts. “At a time when the volume of incidents is skyrocketing, companies responsible for protecting customers’ sensitive information are challenged with the efficiency and consistency of conducting the required multi-factor and multi-jurisdictional incident risk assessments for meeting their contractual and regulatory obligations. That’s where RADAR can help.”

RADAR Supports Federal, State and EU Regulations

Data breach laws are a maze of growing complexity, with 51 ever-changing state and territory breach notification laws, each with different notification obligations. So far this year, amendments have gone into effect in California and Oregon, soon to be followed by significant changes in Rhode Island and Tennessee. RADAR constantly monitors state, federal, and EU regulations, including 30+ active U.S. breach notification bills. The RADAR Breach Guidance Engine™ uses built in, up-to-date legal knowledge to profile and score data privacy and security incidents for breach determination and to generate recommended notification guidelines.

To help further simplify the complexities of tracking state, federal, and EU regulations, RADAR offers a resource library with an analysis of each U.S. law and each EU state’s current data protection and privacy law, as well as overviews of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) Memorandum M-07-16. Additional resources in RADAR include a regulatory watchlist that provides a summary of active bills along with an indicator of recent activity.

Award-Winning Innovation

In February 2016, Info Security’s 2016 Global Excellence Awards honoredRADAR with two prestigious awards for management team of the year and product excellence. RADAR’s director of software development, Andrew Migliore, and the RADAR team won the highest award—the gold—for product development, management team of the year; and RADAR won the bronze award for product excellence of the year, innovation in compliance. In 2015, RADAR won two Info Security 2015 Global Excellence Awards including the bronze for Product Excellence in the Vulnerability Assessment, Remediation and Management category and Mahmood Sher-Jan, RADAR’s inventor, was honored as product development executive of the year. Also in 2015, RADAR was named a finalist in Fierce Innovation Awards: Healthcare Edition. In addition, RADAR was the 2014 winner of the HP-IAPP Privacy Innovation Award for Technology, selected by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

About RADAR®

In today’s world of increasingly complex and changing privacy regulations, cyber attacks, and data breaches, leading organizations trust RADAR®, a patented SaaS-based incident response management platform that simplifies and streamlines compliance with federal and state data breach laws. The RADAR Breach Guidance Engine™ leads users through an intuitive workflow that profiles and scores data privacy and security incidents and generates incident-specific notification guidelines to help ensure compliance with federal and state laws. Fortune 100 companies and other organizations from heavily regulated industries in finance, healthcare, insurance, and beyond rely on RADAR for an efficient and consistent process for incident response. RADAR is an autonomous and wholly owned business unit of ID Experts. Learn more at



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