Gain access to the platform within one business day.*

We work with your team to understand your requirements and introduce Radar®‘s automated workflow.

We work together to show you all of the features of Radar®, sharing best practices along the way, and allow you to customize Radar® to suit your organization’s needs.

For Elite Onboarding, your Radar® onboarding manager will configure the Production account based on the active custom data and platform settings in your Training account.

We offer training for both end-user workflow and administration functions.

Your organization starts to actively use Radar® for investigating incidents.

Your onboarding manager becomes your dedicated point of contact to support you as an active Radar® customer.

*As little as one hour a week of IT resources is needed during onboarding.

What to Expect

Our onboarding timeline ensures that your team launches feeling confident and empowered, without taking time and resources away from other priorities.

During your onboarding experience, your dedicated RadarFirst onboarding manager will guide you through customization and configuration options, and best practices, and help bring your digitally transformed, privacy automation to life.

With only a couple of hours a week, Radar® will fit your organizational needs.

Onboarding the Way You Want It

We offer two different options for Onboarding. Explore the differences between Standard and Elite Onboarding below.

Best for larger organizations, Elite Onboarding is a highly detailed and customized process. You can expect a more hands-on and detailed approach.

This option allows for unique configuration and training within the platform. If you’re looking for advanced options such as API configuration, validation testing, and user acceptance testing this is the best option for your team.

With Elite Implementation you have access to (2) Radar® Privacy accounts — one for training purposes and one for production. With two accounts, you have the ability to test settings in your training account before moving to the live production account.

With Standard Onboarding you receive dedicated support from your onboarding manager. This configuration process is streamlined and ready to go out of the box (so to speak).

Standard implementation includes (1) production account for configuration. You can expect minimal configuration with this option and a few unique customizations. This option is best for smaller organizations who are ready to hit the ground running.

Long-term partnership: your dedicated onboarding manager will help you…

Identify which product features will provide the most value to your organization, and build a plan to best leverage them.

Build a plan based on shared best practices and insights from other customers in your industry who have found success.

Configure and tailor your platform and to meet your organization’s needs.

Assign clear and doable tasks for your team to work on until the next meeting. 

Track and update progress on your personalized project plan. 

Your Success is Our Success!

Don’t just take our word for it… hear how others in your industry got up and running quickly.

Our Implementation lead is an expert in all things Radar® Privacy. She took us on a step-by-step journey to learn and configure Radar® Privacy which was instrumental in our own understanding and on-time implementation.
Privacy Analyst
A very clear and detailed walk through of each area of the platform, and the partnership building out for our tailored needs.
Director of Privacy
Having a weekly overview of some aspect of the system and then doing related homework each week was very helpful.
Senior Privacy Analyst
Refreshing flexibility of the system, infinitely customizable and easy to experiment.
Compliance Manager
Our implementation lead is expert in all things Radar. She took us on a step-by-step journey to learn and configure Radar® Privacy which was instrumental in our own understanding and on-time implementation.
Radar® Privacy Customer
Working with Radar® Privacy a case management system that does so many things all at your finger tips is what we have needed for the last 6 years. We are excited to get started.
Radar® Privacy Customer
Streamlined and organized implementation process. Fast and easy.
Radar® Privacy Customer
Overall experience was great. From Justin and Marco on the front end, to Hayley setting up the system, and now the transition to Cynthia. Everything was seamless and the summary of resources moving forward following go-live was extremely helpful!
Radar® Privacy Customer
First class, thank you!
Radar® Privacy Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

You will gain access to the platform within one business day. While each organization has different requirements and goals, an average onboarding time is 12 weeks.

We recommend a total of 2-3 hours per week. 1 hour being with your onboarding manager in a meeting, and 1-2 hours outside of the weekly meeting to work in the system or make decisions for the platform configurations.  

We love that you’re motivated to get started! A few suggestions we have are…

  • Determining your core team will help ensure everyone is included from the beginning. 
  • If you plan to use Single SignOn or an API, identifying the technical support contact that will assist in those projects will help start those projects sooner. 
  • Gathering blank copies of any incident intake forms to provide to your onboarding manager will help us in understanding your current workflow and map fields to the new Radar® tool. 

Our active customer base regularly communicates how easy the set up is in the tool. The product is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Your implementation specialist will guide you through each setting and allow you to have hands-on practice to gain confidence. No need to be a computer wiz or have experience with scripts.


No! Once onboarding is completed, Radar® has zero access to your data moving forward.

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