Elevate Your Productivity with BambooHR and Radar® Privacy

Outdated or inaccurate data should never delay your Privacy team. Delays not only put extra pressure on time-pressed Privacy professionals, but can also increase the risk to your organization when an incident occurs.

Intelligent incident management automation depends on the accuracy and speed of your available data, both from the incident reporter and from your internal systems.

BambooHR and RadarFirst | Automated Employee Database Syncs

The Solution

BambooHR simplifies your HR operations into one platform. Radar® Privacy offers your Privacy team automated incident risk management, from intake to assessment. The BambooHR integration with Radar® allows Radar® Privacy customers to automate the previously time-intensive task of ensuring their employee database is consistently up-to-date.

The Radar® Privacy integration with BambooHR ensures up-to-date incident data while automating time-intensive tasks.

When an employee is added or removed from a customer’s BambooHR account, their Radar® Privacy account will automatically update as well, enabling data accuracy while simultaneously reducing arduous but critical manual tasks. Data syncs between Radar® Privacy and BambooHR are set by the customer, and can occur by the minute, hour, day, week, or your chosen custom variable.

The result is better control of your workflows, and a reduction in menial but critical tasks.

Key Solution Features

Radar® Privacy’s integration with BambooHR include:

  • Removal of information silos between the Privacy team and the HR organization
  • Streamlined workflows around incident management and assessment
  • Accurate and up-to-date incident data
  • Automation of tedious but high impact manual tasks related to HR within Radar® Privacy

Use Case

Radar® Privacy incidents allow for the capture of Employee Involved on incident intake forms. Radar® Privacy offers its customers the ability to store a list of company employees within the platform from which the incident profiler can select the Employee Involved.

Prior to the available integration of BambooHR with Radar® Privacy, the employee list had to be manually maintained. This manual extraction of the employee list from the HR system, and the subsequent mapping and editing of the list within the Radar platform, is time and resource-intensive. It also creates room for error within the incident intake process as employee lists are not updated in real time.

However, with the implementation of the integration, the employee names list mapping from BambooHR to Radar® Privacy is confirmed during set up. The Radar® Privacy Administrator can then configure the cadence at which BambooHR will be polled for an updated list of employees, for instance hourly, daily, or weekly.

At the regularly scheduled intervals, a current list of employees is automatically provided to Radar® Privacy, which in turn updates its stored list of employees.

Radar® Privacy users are then provided with an accurate and up- to-date list of employees from which to select Employee Involved, ensuring simplified and more accurate incident reporting. (Note: Former employees involved in an incident will remain as captured information in the incident.)

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