“RadarFirst offers an excellent risk assessment product for privacy and security incidents. The interface is easy-to-use and the decision-support content and laws database is up-to-date and reliable. RadarFirst is a great tool for any privacy professional’s arsenal.”
— Julia Jacobson, Partner, K&L Gates

Decision Support Platform for Incident Response

RadarFirst is a SaaS based decision support solution specifically designed to provide legal and privacy professionals efficient and consistent incident risk assessments in order to make timely notification decisions for compliance with complex and changing international and U.S. (federal and states) data breach laws. RadarFirst serves as an operational infrastructure for managing the lifecycle of data privacy and security incidents involving personal data. The legal library and regulatory workflows within RadarFirst are kept current to address the latest incident risk assessment, documentation, and reporting requirements based on regulatory requirements and contractual compliance frameworks designed and approved by privacy counsel.

RadarFirst’s patented Breach Guidance Engine™ uses multiple risk factors to score each incident, producing a heatmap that quantifies each incident’s severity and data sensitivity levels in alignment with counsel’s approved policies and notification guidance. This provides a consistent and scalable process for incident assessment, and streamlines the otherwise time-consuming, repetitive research and subjective risk assessment processes to ensure compliance with breach laws across all applicable jurisdictions.

For example, RadarFirst is inherently aware of each jurisdiction’s unique definition of personal data, risk of harm standard, and any notification exceptions. This provides valuable decision support to privacy counsel on notification and reporting requirements across all applicable jurisdictions.

RadarFirst for Privacy Counsel

Most organizations that maintain personal data experience incidents on a regular basis. This requires counsel’s strategic advice to establish a compliant incident response framework that the organization can effectively operationalize. The majority of these incidents are inadvertent in nature so the framework must be conducive to managing both inadvertent and malicious incidents. RadarFirst provides privacy counsel a purpose-built solution for establishing and implementing incident response policies to help organizations remain compliant with data breach laws while supporting privacy counsel’s role as the regulatory subject matter expert, ensuring
counsel is in control over ultimate breach determination.

Stay Up-to-date with Regulations

RadarFirst provides counsel and privacy teams the ability to stay current with changing breach notification laws by monitoring multiple sources for proposed legislation and changes to international and U.S. breach notification laws, maintaining a published and up-to-date regulatory watchlist, and ensuring that any changes impacting the decision support process for counsel are incorporated into the solution prior to the enforcement date. RadarFirst also provides access to a robust law library for breach notification laws across certain international and U.S. jurisdictions.

RadarFirst is used by a rapidly growing number of Fortune 1000 organizations and their privacy counsel across industries

Improve Efficiency & Accuracy

Since no two incidents are alike and breach laws often vary in scope (e.g., electronic vs. paper, personal data definition, data protection and remediation sufficiency). RadarFirst provides counsel tremendous efficiency and accuracy by cutting down the time required for regulatory research and the risk of missing pertinent information in the process. Without RadarFirst, legal research and incident risk assessment is a manual and subjective process which can cause inconsistency, delayed notification, and risk of non-compliance.

RadarFirst is used by a rapidly growing number of Fortune 1000 organizations and their privacy counsel across multiple industries (e.g., financial, insurance, and healthcare). RadarFirst provides the necessary decision support capability and risk quantification to drive accurate and consistent results across the organization.

Operationalize Counsel’s Incident Response Policies

RadarFirst enables privacy counsel to implement incident response policies and guidance so the organization can operationalize their compliance program with counsel’s oversight. The efficient RadarFirst workflow also streamlines how organizations escalate privacy and security incidents — both electronic and paper — to legal and privacy teams. RadarFirst’s web submission form allows anyone in the organization to securely submit a suspected incident for investigation and legal review.

Leverage Technology to Support Regulatory Expertise

RadarFirst’s patented Breach Guidance Engine™ standardizes and automates the incident risk assessment process and provides counsel with an effective decision support tool to help determine whether an incident is a notifiable breach. RadarFirst provides counsel the ability to adjust the contextual sensitivity of the personal data involved when performing risk assessments to ensure adherence to an organization’s internal policies and culture of compliance. Additionally, once a decision to notify is made by the organization, RadarFirst provides all the notification requirements and timelines under applicable international and U.S. laws, creating greater efficiency and reducing risk of non-compliance.

Prove Compliance

RadarFirst helps document compliance in an organization by ensuring incident risk assessments are performed consistently and always in compliance with ever-changing international and U.S. data breach notification regulations. RadarFirst stores documentation, counsel’s notes, and attachments in a central repository that is easy for regulators and senior management to access. RadarFirst follows strict third party-audited security standards that ensure client-attorney privilege is maintained.

Use Analytics to Reduce Breach Risk

RadarFirst reduces breach risks across an organization by identifying and analyzing where, how, and why incidents occur, identifying trends that help the organization reduce the risk of future incidents. The RadarFirst dashboard helps spot trends and pulls detailed reports in seconds.

Compliance with Contractual Obligations

Incident response, especially for business associates, often involves contractual notification obligations in addition to regulatory obligations. Current processes for managing contractual obligations are almost always manual and error prone. RadarFirst’s patented Contractual Obligation Workflow will help privacy counsel ensure that the organization remains in compliance with its business associate agreements and contractual agreements.

Peace of Mind: Operationalize Compliance with RadarFirst

By providing up-to-date decision support, operational infrastructure, legal libraries, documentation, and workflows, RadarFirst brings consistency to the incident assessment and response process. Armed with this solution, privacy counsel is able to focus on delivering the legal advice and strategic guidance that organizations need to reduce data breach risk and effectively operationalize their privacy and compliance programs.

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