As the global standard for privacy incident response and management, Radar® Privacy offers automated privacy incident risk assessments and obligation notification decisioning support for data privacy regulations worldwide.

The De Facto Global Standard

In 2019, Radar® Privacy began an expansion into global data privacy laws. The expansion marked a critical milestone in 2023: All jurisdictions worldwide are now supported by the Radar® Breach Assessment Engine, which powers Radar® Privacy, if they meet the following criteria:

  • Recognized by the United Nations
  • Population of at least 1 million residents
  • Have passed a federal-level privacy law containing breach notification obligations which will take effect by the end of 2023 With 200 state, federal, national, and international data privacy regulations supported—and counting— the award-winning Radar® Privacy has set a new bar in privacy incident management and response, and is the only solution to offer automated notification obligation recommendations on a global scale.

Radar® Privacy’s Global Reach Continues

RadarFirst remains committed to achieving complete global coverage for data privacy regulations within Radar® Privacy. Upcoming goals and ongoing commitments include:

  • Currently, we provide coverage for all countries which have relevant laws in effect
  • For those countries without relevant laws in effect (approximately 80), we will add incident documentation coverage by Q1 2024
  • RadarFirst is constantly monitoring emerging legislation and will add or adjust coverage as needed


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